Wednesday Country Cute

I promise to delight every Wednesday with
brand-spankin'-new FRESH country photos.

Might be animals (like today), 
a landscape, a sunrise or a sunset.

Pure country livin' entertainment.

Naked Lady lilies, cut down in their prime during a storm last night
Barack finds a dry island in the morning's dewy grass
Fluff finds her own spot and sniffs the country air


  1. Sorry the storm got your naked ladies. They are so pretty. I miss mine...

    The cats look so content...I could take a que from them sometimes...

    Oh, hey! You asked where I was--so where are you? Perhaps down around Mulvane? Or more like Ark City?

  2. Poor ladies. I only have flowers in pots anymore...and the heat did them in. I need to repot something now that it has cooled off.

  3. Looks like such a serene morning...

  4. Loved the photos. Especially Fluff, who looks happy to be out and about.

  5. Aw, look at those lovely pictures :)
    Really brings me into the country atmosphere!