A Country Morn ~ and A GRIT Giveaway!

It's been a busy country morning here on the farmstead already.

Processed 5 jars of dill spears.
(Thank you, Penny, for your recipe!)

Cleaned the keets' brooder.
I love their chirpiness! 
(And they already poo'd in the clean brooder!!)

Got hungry.  Made a cheese 'n onion omelet
with guinea eggs.  Yum.

Now I'm off to clean the incubator.
The eggs have been removed.
No more are going to hatch.

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  1. Your pickle spears look great! I hope you'll like them.

    The keets are soooo cute! I love their coloring. And I could listen to their trilling and chirping all day. What a sweet sound. And what precious little babies.

    That omelet looks delicious - and so pretty. I bet it was yummy!

  2. Wow, you HAVE been quite the busy little farm lady, haven't you?! That omelet looks quite spectacular I must say-I bet it tasted just as good, too :)

    Oh, and look at those little buggers! They're so adorable xD

    Thanks for the reminder about your contest-I entered!

  3. Good work--sounds like a busy yet productive one.

  4. That looks good Susan! I never thought birds could poo so much...did you?!