Diary of A Country Morning

7:45 Let dogs out before they pee themselves.

7:50 Feed dogs.  Not a moment's peace until this is done.  Ringo is always starving to death.

8:00 Get coffee started.  Must...have....coffee....

8:05 Feed cats. CiCi is now screaming up a racket because she is STARVING.

8:10 Crack a few guinea eggs and fry up some sausage for breakfast.  Toast a few slices of bread too. Hubby is whimpering --he is also starving.  Dogs are watching him eat.  Because they are still starving.

8:40 Clean up kitchen and do dishes.

9:10 Pack lunch for hubby. So he doesn't starve later at work.

9:15 Start a load of laundry. Need clothes for work.

9:25 Clean guinea keets brooder - change paper towel bedding, fresh water, fresh food. Lots of peeping --starving, of course.

9:40 Clean cat litter boxes in house.
(Yes, I do this almost every.single.day. Litter boxes are so EWW!)

9:50 Get dressed, head outside to clean coop - just a quick clean of window area, "temporary" saw horse roost and top of nesting boxes every other day.  Ringo checks out chickens and causes mass panic.

10:05 Fill large pan with water - boil for ice tea. I am addicted to ice tea!

10:10 Throw clothing into dryer. So we have clothes for work.

10:15 Let dogs out again.

10:20 New post for blog.
Review possible giveaway items for September's country giveaway.

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In the meantime, hubby has watched a little Good Morning America, ate his breakfast, got dressed and headed outside to let the guineas out of the coop, feed the {starving} horses and water the garden and other miscellaneous plants that are shriveled up due to our drought.  He has also worked on the garage renovation a little bit, as he does almost every morning.

10:30 Remove boiling water from stove - add tea bags to steep for my ice tea.

10:35 Re-package return of two tops to Anthropologie.
Moment-of-weakness purchase due to peer pressure from my Anthro-geek sister!

10:40 Add water to trays in incubator -- 24 guinea eggs this time.

10:45 Read and respond to a few emails.  Read my email newsletter from Copyblogger. Great website with a wealth of information.  Check it out when you have time!

11:00 Time to start getting ready for work!

Tomorrow morning we'll do it all again,
with a few minor variations. 

Because, of course,
everyone will be STARVING again!!


  1. busy busy!! Hopper wants to come live with you.. he says i make him get up to early!!!!

  2. Cute blog, im a city guy that moved to the country as well. Well done. Richard from Amish Stories.

  3. I am ready to go to bed just reading about your morning! And now I am starving! ;)

  4. You made me tired just reading this! After 20+ years of getting up to send my kids off to school and then for a couple of years after when my son was still living at home and working (it was an ideal time for mom/son conversation), I have gotten so lazy in the mornings now. I get up with my husband (instead of a couple of hours before) for the first time since we've been married.

  5. Hee, hee...oh yes, I completely get it! The work never ends...but then, I guess the fun comes along with it. How's that saying go, "Time flies, whether you're having fun or not." So it's best to enjoy each of those crazy, filled-to-the-brim days!

  6. Love seeing about your day at home on the farm ... but now you need to share what that day is like when you add going to one of your two paying jobs!!! You're one busy lady, Suz!

  7. Busy morning! I wish i were that productive :D

  8. I wish I could be as productive as you in the morning! I just usually sleep until 11 because I don't sleep at night O.o LOL

    Although, I tend to agree with you-Normally, people are always starving ^.^

    Speaking of which...Hehe!