Oz Girl's Picks: Top 5 Historic Hotels

Everyone has a dream place they want to visit.  But instead of the top 5 beach or mountain resorts, I'm putting out my list of the top five historic hotels I'd like to visit.

I must admit I haven't had the opportunity to visit ANY of these spectacular hotels.  This list is purely the result of wasteful web surfing and a strong desire to "want" and "must have".

Disclaimer: Most of these don't fit into a farm girl's budget.  They pretty much go on my wish list. And none of these hotels have endorsed their inclusion into my "top 5" list - this list is strictly the opinions (and desires!) of Oz Girl.

1. Wort Hotel - Jackson, Wyoming
This is one gorgeous stone hotel which dates to the early 1940's.  It tragically burned down in 1980, but was restored to its full glory by June 1981.  From the carved wood to the silver dollars found throughout the hotel, including the 2,032 uncirculated Morgan silver dollars inlaid at the bar, this is my kind of old hotel.

Gorgeous historic stone entrance

2. Rancho de los Caballeros - Wickenburg, Arizona
Doesn't the name of this one just scream "western"?!  It's gorgeous Arizona desert beauty all the way around.  This is not your usual historic hotel - as their website proclaims, they're the "ranch resort with the soul of a bed and breakfast".  I'd sure like to try out their breakfast with the rising Arizona sun as a backdrop.

Beautiful western themed lobby

3. Old Edwards Inn & Spa - Highlands, North Carolina
Veering away from our western theme for a moment, I like the Old Edwards Inn for its old time European atmosphere.  I've always loved old stone buildings, so this one fits into the dream list nicely.  With a location like the Blue Ridge Mountains, how could you go wrong by staying here for a getaway weekend?

More stone - my favorite historic hotel building material

4. Hotel Ambassador - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Ok, this one probably doesn't rate as spectacular as the first 3 on my list, BUT Tulsa is not too far away, and I love the corner suites with their huge window views of the city.  This historic landmark hotel promises an easy weekend getaway (2 hours south of me) and it might actually be within a farm girl's budget!!

Opened in 1929 to provide upscale temporary housing for oil barons and their families while mansions were being built, it has gone through some tumultuous changes.  After the oil business decline, it became senior retirement housing, and then closed entirely in 1989.  Reopened in 1997, it underwent a $5.5 million renovation to restore it to its early day elegance.

Corner king deluxe - NICE!!

5. Manka's Inverness Lodge - Inverness, California
This one has been on my list for a LONG time.  If you've ever been to the Point Reyes area of northern California, then you'll agree with me about this area's haunting beauty. (Yes, I've stayed in the area, but never at Manka's!)

Photos of Manka's Inverness Lodge, Inverness
This photo of Manka's Inverness Lodge is courtesy of TripAdvisor

I was devastated when I heard that Manka's 1910 hunting and fishing lodge was on fire in 2006.  The main lodge and restaurant burned to the ground; there are plans to rebuild, but my understanding is that they've still not been rebuilt.

However, one can still choose from 4 rooms in the annex, Manka's Cabin or Fishing Cabin, or one of two suites in the Boathouse on Tomales Bay. Manka's has all the trademark of a northern California getaway, with loads of 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor and other hotel rating websites.

So there you have it, my top five list of historic hotels I'd like to visit someday.

Tell me if you've already been to one of these grand places.  

Or tell me of another great historic place
that merits a mention on this list!

Two readers have already recommended the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego and "a wonderful b & b in Cape May".  C'mon, give us details please!!  :-)

And just in case you're in the market to BUY a truly vintage historic hotel, the Hotel Metlen in Montana is for sale - there's infinite renovation possibilities here!


  1. They look like wonderful places to get away. I could use some time away from the family right now, sigh.

  2. I hope you get to stay in at least one of your picks someday in the future. They all look wonderful.

  3. They look lovely, but somehow Tulsa does not sound as vacationey as the rest

  4. Susan, I get to stay in my favorite hotel every year in the middle of September. It's high (6,000 feet above sea level) in the northern country of Nevada. The nights are cold and without heat and the days are hot and without airconditioning. The main menu is trout fresh from the reservoir cooked to perfection over the camp stove. The continental breakfast is make your own. The coffee is awesome as the steam comes out of the spout in the 20 degree morning temperature. The ceiling is the star lit sky unhindered by ground clutter lights. The air is thin and fresh and the only sounds heard are from frogs, crickets, coyotes. The beds are air mattresses and the bathroom is over yonder and don't forget the paper. The price to stay in the deluxe suite with a level spot for the tent, a hot shower, and flush toilets is $5.00 a night. Well worth the upgrade in price. The nearest store or gas station is 40 miles away. Ah, now that's what hotel living is all about. :0)

  5. Those inns look delicious!

    Okay==the B&B in Cape May that I was referring to was The Angel of the Sea. See the history here: http://www.angelofthesea.com/history.htm
    It is quite a history! Beware! You may have to make reservations more than a year ahead!

    Another Cape May Inn is Southern Mansion if you are up for a little spirit! It is an 1863 Civil War Mansion and has been featured on Ghost Hunters. http://capemaytimes.com/bed-and-breakfast/southern.htm

    Cape May NJ is just FULL of great mansions!

    Now, OG, closer to home you will find Crumm Castle (originally Campbell Castle) and now The Castle Inn Riverside is a real 1888 Scottish Castle made of limestone that was floated down the Little Arkansas River to build the castle. It has several rooms in the castle and larger suites in the livery (last time I saw it) with each room having it's own characte--there was even a TeePee room! Crazy--NO???? Check it out here... http://www.castleinnriverside.com/ You may be close enough to this one for a weekend getaway! :)