In All Their Golden Glory

No new eggs in the coop this morn, so I decided to go ahead and make me some scrambled eggs with the two guinea eggs we had already gathered.  Not sure if you can tell in the photo, but the eggs are quite thick-shelled -- I had a hard time getting the crack started.  The yolks are really golden colored.  They scrambled up nice, I added a little cheese, and voila ~ guinea eggs for breakfast.

I did not discern any different taste from a chicken egg.  I also can't say that they had infinitely better taste than store-bought eggs?! (sorry!)  Perhaps I detected a very infinitesimal, slightly more fresh taste?

Maybe if I make them plain next time, no cheese or pepper or salt.

At any rate, I figure they've got to be healthier for me than store-bought eggs, loaded with lots of nutrients!!

2 Guinea Eggs = 1 Chicken Egg

What a surprise!  Hubby found an egg on the floor of the chicken coop on Thursday, right before we had to leave for work.  As y'all might know (or not), we have 5 guineas.  The last thing I expected was to find any eggs from them.  They are not free-ranging (yet) and with the cold temps and the short days, I must say we were both very surprised to find the egg.

We thought it was probably an isolated incident, until today... lo and behold, another egg!!  Now, since 2 guinea eggs equal one regular size chicken egg, I might just fry these beautiful brown eggs up tomorrow morning.  I must say, I'm very curious to see how they taste.

Some of my internet research has revealed that many people prefer the taste of guinea eggs to chicken eggs. One man said that he always took chicken eggs to the farmers market, and then he began adding guinea eggs to his offerings.  No one would buy the guinea eggs, unsure of how they might taste.  One day he sold out of his chicken eggs and only had guinea eggs left, so a few reluctant customers decided to try them.  Now he says he sells out of his guinea eggs before his chicken eggs, as many of his customers prefer the guinea eggs!!

I've also heard/read they are higher in protein than regular ole chicken eggs.

Soooo, I'll let y'all know what I think, once I've tried 'em.  Any of my readers tasted guinea eggs?  Would love to hear your opinion.

P.S. Speaking of chickens, we will be getting our first chickens this spring.  Woohoo!!  On my shopping  list:  buff orpington, australorp, dorking and barren rock breeds.

P.S.S.  I apologize for my bloggy absence.  Two jobs makes it tough for me to have a significant online presence.  And I must admit, I really miss my time here.  Hope everyone is doing well!  I will be back on a more regular basis someday, I promise.  :-)

Blizzard, Kansas Style ~ 2011

I took a snow day today.  A rare day spent enjoying the cozy comforts of home, catching up on everything that seems neglected for the last two months.

I tried to get some outdoor photos, but need I stress how cold a wind chill of 14 below is??!!  Even bundled up with insulating underclothes and double gloves, I just couldn't take it for long.

Paint horse gave me his opinion of our "blizzard" ... or perhaps he was expressing his dislike of the photo session??

The girls love to play when it's cold and snowy...

 ...funny how stop-action photos make them look so ferocious!

 Tori poses while Trixie feints to the right

The sun was beginning to slide down in the western sky... or should I say "haze", as the sun itself was virtually non-existent today?

snow drifts are everywhere...  the wind blows incessantly

Here's a short video clip of Trixie and Tori playing outside... short, because I was freezing!!! You can hear the wind blowing, and trust me, it freezes right to your bones in seconds.  Especially when you walk out onto the front porch in your slippers and no coat.  *grin*

Ringo makes two very brief cameo appearances....