Who's Our Happy Country Giveaway Winner?!

Ok, so we had a total of 9 entries, which made everyone's chances pretty good to win!  Here's the names I tossed into the cowgirl hat...

Oregon Sunshine
Growing Up a Country Girl
The Cranky Queen
Appy Gal
Far Side of Fifty

And the winner is......  #9, Far Side of Fifty!!!  Send me an email with your address, and let me know which item you want, so I can get it ordered for you pronto!!

A short story:  My mother mentioned she really liked the leather cuff featured in my giveaway blog post.  So I went to Michelle's Etsy store yesterday afternoon to purchase the cuff, and lo and behold, someone had beat me to it.  The cuff had been purchased yesterday!  I had been admiring that cuff for over a month, so it was a lesson to me not to wait when you like something!!

The topper was when I received a Facebook message this morning from an old friend, thanking me for featuring that bracelet - he realized it was the perfect gift for an old friend in Ohio, so he bought it yesterday!!  How coincidental was that!  LOL

Anyways, thank you so much to everyone, for reading my blog, for entering my giveaways, even when my posts are so sporadic this last year.

I'm determined to keep this blog going, and I have faith that very soon, I'll have more time to post my thoughts and our daily living on this vast, wild and rugged prairie.

Stay tuned for more country giveaways - we'll be having a monthly giveaway right up until July 2012!  I've got some more great giveaway ideas tucked up my sleeve.  :-)

December Country Giveaway

I'm a few days behind on getting the December country giveaway up and running, but I think you're really going to like this giveaway!

First off, I just want to say that my hat's off to everyone who has found a craft that truly captures their heart and mind.  I know that when I take the time to do a photography walkabout, I can totally lose track of time.  That's probably the ONLY time I can lose track of time!!

For those who have managed to also SELL their craft, well, I think that's the icing on the cake.  Doing what you love, and making some money from doing it!

In that theme, I'd like to feature a fellow blogger who loves making western styled jewelry, much of it from found and vintage items.  I just love Michelle's designs.  Now if we could only convince her that she needs to do this full-time, so there are more of her designs for everyone!

One great example of Michelle's work!

The winner of the December giveaway will have the opportunity to choose one item from Michelle's Etsy shop, Rockin Heart Jewelry and Vintage Finds, up to a $25 value.   Leave a comment here telling me which piece you like in her shop and you'll be entered!

You can also check out Michelle on her blog, Ranch Girl Diaries.  And since I'm not one to forget (LOL), she also had a previous blog where she shared her love of photography, Pony Girl Rides Again.  Check out the great cat photos at that link!

So, go on, check out Michelle's Etsy shop and tell me what your favorite is, leave a comment here, and you'll be entered into the great December Country giveaway!  You have until Tuesday, December 13, at midnight, PST, to leave a comment and be entered!

Be sure to check out Michelle's store over the weekend, as she plans on adding more pieces then.