Of Geese... and Guineas

Two Canadian geese have been hanging out at our pond for the last few weeks.  They've come quite close to the house, as close as the chicken coop.  Last week, our two younger guineas weren't very happy about their intrusion --the male guinea and male goose did a bit of sparring.

The guinea hens started laying eggs about 4 weeks ago.  In a rather surprising turn of events, they started a clutch of eggs in a corner of the coop.  This was very unusual since last year they attempted to build two different nests in hidden outdoor locations.  The natural inclination of guineas is to find a hidden location in nature.  In last year's case, we brought some of their eggs indoors and incubated the hatches.

But today, one of the guinea hens has gone broody!  So we'll let nature take its course and see if she actually hatches some chicks.  If she does, then we will move the hatched chicks to the brooder on our back porch, where they will have a better chance of survival.

Guineas don't have the greatest reputation as mothers -- they will go out to feed in dew-laden grass and newborn chicks will follow mom, dying soon thereafter from the exposure.

And so the countdown begins... 26 days!

March Country Giveaway WINNER!

We have a winner for the March Country giveaway ~ a $25 gardening gift card goes to the #1 commenter ~ Joe Todd, of My Quality Time!

Congrats Joe, and send me your address via email so I can get your gift card ordered and mailed to you!

today: a rainy back porch
Since it's a very rainy day today, it's the perfect day to get some indoor tasks accomplished.  I'm hoping to get my email inbox cleaned up (OMG it's awful) and get some new products created for my Zazzle store, which is doing very well, thank you.

to the west ~ flooding begins
(click to enlarge)
We don't get as many rainy days here as I did in northeast Ohio.  Because of that, I actually enjoy a rainy day now.  The doors and windows are open so I can hear the pitter-patter of the rain and the occasional thunder boom.  It's a soothing sound to me, and it makes me feel like I can be productive today. Well, one can hope, right?!

What do you enjoy doing on rainy days?

...why God made those Fly Over States...

Have you heard the latest single -Fly Over States- released from Jason Aldean's album, My Kinda Party?

I must admit, this song has grown on me to the point that I almost get shivers up my spine from some of the lyrics. This song says exactly how I feel about living smack-dab in the middle of the U.S. on this awesome, beautiful prairie.

Don't knock these "flat, boring" states until you've spent a few days in our neck of the woods. The sunsets and sunrises alone will take your breath away, and that doesn't account for all the other glorious landscapes you might see in the course of 4 seasons.

And so here's a brief pictorial of photos I've taken over the past 4 years, proving just why God did make these fly over states......

miles and miles of sunflowers demand more than just a passing glance

a black and white photo helps remind us of simpler times

a harvest moon in Kansas?!

a pond glows in sunlight after a massive thunderstorm

and you didn't think the prairie had color in autumn?

yup, just another glorious sunrise in Kansas (yawn)

I just love how I can make a muddy road look glamorous

snow dusts the prairie

the prairie wakes up to another bright day

and the prairie winds down with a big bang sunset

amazing how many different colors the prairie sunset has to offer

longhorn cattle grace the vast plains

even in black and white, the plains are beautiful

another Kansas harvest moon... in winter??

the Kansas farmer has a full and busy day on the plains

even the storms are beautiful on the prairie

autumn in its full Kansas splendor

the setting sun casts its final rays upon the plains

rainbows are commonplace on the plains after storms

another glorious start to the day

I must admit I'm a little bit disappointed in the Aldean crew's video rendition. I guess the upside is that if you want to know the lyrics, you'll certainly learn them from watching the video.  In spite of the video's lack of emotion, this song is still my favorite of any of Jason's music so far.

March Country Giveaway

I had to think about the March giveaway.  Just wasn't quite sure what I wanted the giveaway to be... and then it hit me!  Gardening!  Aren't we all thinking about spring and getting our hands good and dirty, smelling the good, green earth on a wet rainy day?

Weds morning prairie sky ~
threatening, and yet cool at the same time!

And so, the March giveaway will be a $25 gift certificate to Territorial Seed Company or Burpee, winner's choice.  I personally like Territorial Seed, based in Oregon, but if you're looking for unlimited choices, then Burpee is the way to go!

Just leave a comment here -- tell me what you think you might like to purchase with your $25 gardening gift certificate -- seeds?  a new garden tool? seaweed fertilizer?

A winner will be drawn using Randomizer.org on Monday, March 19th.  So you've got until Sunday, March 18th at midnight (PST) to enter the giveaway!

Good luck, and I hope y'all are having a good week so far.  Happy Thursday!

What Were We Thinking?!

Last autumn (before)

Post-straight line winds (after)
February 28th evening

Did we think our cheap little plastic greenhouse
would last longer than one season in a state
known for its crazy winds???

I mean, really.  Derr.

There has been a discussion since last Tuesday
about the possibility of building a REAL
greenhouse on this spot.