Cowboy Country Mornings

This was our glorious blue sky yesterday morning, looking to the west from our front porch.

I imagine this is the kind of sweeping view that cowboys of the old west commonly awoke to see.  Unless they were in the mountains.  Then they saw mountains.

After all, they would be sleeping outside by a campfire, right?  No sleeping bags in those days, I'm sure.  Maybe a blanket roll, and a saddle for a pillow.

Today, Stormy gave us another "cowboy" view, straight off the front porch.  Just lovely to sit here with my coffee.

Jes' so y'all can see -- I ain't lyin'.
It's really from our front porch!


  1. So nice and open and who doesn't love to look out and see a horse grazing right off the porch! Thanks for sharing your morning!

  2. Are we not the luckiest chickies in the world, Susan?!
    xo, misha

  3. Stormy is going to bust you out of jail :)

  4. Susan, there are not exactly wide open spaces here in the urban city but there are voices of children at play, crickets chirping in the evening with the tenor June bugs chiming in. A slow moving car drives down the street dodging the parked cars and an occasional delivery truck roars past and sometimes brings me the very box I've been waiting for. Two skinny rabbits that have frequented my yard all year are the entertainment as the Monarch butterflies flit about overhead in their drunken manner of flight. The poor man's patio becomes a haven of peaceful rest as the sun slowly sets and gazing upon the living trellis ends the day with beauty. Night sounds are my favorite sounds and morning sun rises with folgers in my cup are the second best thing in life. Have a great Kansas porch day.

  5. Love your country cowboy morning!

  6. What beautiful surroundings to wake up to everyday (or nearly everyday)!

    Thank you for sharing a little bit of your country morning with us all :)