Adieu to My Sweet Barred Rock Rooster

Happier Days in June with his barred rock "sisters"
Rooster on left, lighter color feathers
My barred rock rooster passed away early yesterday morning.  

I woke up at 5 a.m. and checked on him - he seemed fine.
When I woke at 8 a.m., he was gone.

I was home on Friday, and spent time with him.
He seemed happy when I sat and talked to him . 
I would get a few clucks in return. 

He fought a valiant fight, but whatever was ailing him
prevailed and finally took him on Saturday morning.

He was the most laid back of all 3 roosters
and I'm sad that he didn't make it.

This will always be the downside to farm life.

On a lighter note, the flock is better balanced now
One rooster, five hens.


  1. Oh...I'm sorry. When we spend enough time with them we see their personalities and that makes it that much harder when something happens.

  2. Oh Susan, that is so hard to hear...I am very sorry for you. It's especially hard because he's a fav.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. Thata too bad. Maybe Red Roo attacked him because he knew there was something wrong with him. So sorry.

  4. He was a very pretty rooster. Sorry he didn't make it. I was thinking what JarieLyn said--That the other roosters may have turned on him sensing that he was ill. Sorry to hear at any rate!

  5. You are right life on a farm can be heart breaking at times but never will you feel more in touch with the balancing act we call life then when caring for your livestock. I love Barred Rocks they are a gentle breed.

  6. Oh so sad. Poor little guy. I so love chickens!

  7. All the animals we invite into ourlives become special...whether it's a cat on my lap or a chicken cluckling happily in the coop. I'm sorry to hear this...a part of farm life, yes, but it still tugs at the heart. -Mary

  8. Oh no. Sorry to hear this. RIP gentle rooster.

  9. Sorry for your loss...two roosters in as many days...bummer...

  10. Aw, I'm sorry for your loss-No matter how big or small, a loss always affects the heart :(

    But like you said, all apart of farm life.