Here We Go Again... New Guinea Eggs to Incubate!

Yep, a fresh clutch of eggs was found by my husband 15 minutes  before I needed to leave for work yesterday!

While he quickly ran to get the incubator (which was finally re-boxed and re-homed to the garage on Sunday) I grabbed a cardboard egg container, lined it with kleenex and ran out near the horses' pen to grab as many eggs as I could.

I left the eggs in the guest bedroom for the night, where they would be stored around 70 degrees or so.

This morning I will add 18 eggs (or more?) to the warm incubator and we'll wait 23-28 days and see what happens with this bunch.

Maybe this time, we'll end up with more than just 2 keets.

Hmmmm, maybe this is going to become a side business. :-)


  1. "Hmmmm, maybe this is going to become a side business." ... or, you'll have a thousand guinees running around and have to build an addition to that coop! Do you think youi'll ever reach a point where you can't eat their eggs cuz they could have been babies? Just sayin', cuz you're so tender hearted...

  2. Wow - you're aiming big with this batch :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. it's like Christmas and Easter all rolled into one!

  4. Congratulations on your newfound eggs! I can't wait to see what this bunch brings :)

  5. Hands will be full, I can't wait. :)