A Winner and A Tornado Watch

A winner is fun... a tornado watch, not so much!

Randomizer.org picked the number 7 and that equates to Labbie1.... email me your address and I'll get your gift card in the mail pronto!!

Thanks to all who entered and good luck in March's Country Giveaway, which will be posted in a few days.

In the meantime, we're ushering in the early spring season with our first tornado watch until 11 pm tonight.

Hubby and I are more prepared this year to watch the sky for signs of turbulent weather.  Last night we attended a National Weather Service storm spotter presentation.  We've been wanting to do this for a few years.  It was an excellent presentation by Chance Hayes, who works out of the Wichita NWS office.  Here's a link to the Wichita Eagle, which published an article a few weeks ago with more information.

We brought home a handout from the presentation with all kinds of great web links.  One of the best ones (my humble opinion) is for an Online Spotter Training Course.  This takes about 2 hours, but both myself and the hubby plan to take this course.  We really enjoyed last night's presentation and agreed that we both learned quite a bit.  Now we want to take our learning to the next level and become trained weather spotters so that we can call the NWS with reliable severe weather information in our area, especially since we live in a rural area.

What about you?  Does severe weather fascinate you - do you head for your front porch with your camera (like I do!) or do you run for the basement?!  I'll be honest... I head for the closet, eventually.  But it's usually at the last minute.

I know.  Not very smart, but I can't help it.  The photographer in me wants to get a few cool shots first!

Weather Update, 9:40 pm CST:  We are safe.  A severe thunderstorm passed through here earlier, but the worst of the storm is now to our east.  I hope that it does not cause too much damage in southeast KS and northeast OK.

(Stay safe, Pioneer Woman... the storm line is close to Pawhuska!)

My Weds morn memory revival - Pioneer Woman and family are in Colorado skiing, so they are safe.  Duh.

February Country Giveaway ~ $25 Gift Card

Ahhh, I'm late to my own show, once again......!!

Here it is, the February Country Giveaway.  Simply leave a comment on this post to win a $25 gift card to Tractor Supply!

The giveaway is open through February 25th, midnight PST, to family and friends alike.  If you don't have a Blogger account, please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you in your comment if you are the winner.

If you don't have a Tractor Supply store in your area, you have one of two choices.  The winner can still choose the Tractor Supply gift card if you want to order from their website.  Or, if you have a different farm & home store locally, such as Orscheln's, or Atwood's, just let me know and I can get your gift card from one of those stores.

I love our Tractor Supply stores.  We get Purina senior horse feed for Murphy from Tractor Supply, along with some sweet feed and oats for the other horses, and our chicken food and supplies too.  It's always fun to browse when we have time, to see what's new or what surprises might be marked down at a super buy!

Tell me - what would you buy with your $25 gift card to Tractor Supply?  Would this gift card help you with your monthly feed purchases, or would you treat yourself to something special?

On a side note:  I discovered a long-forgotten Zazzle store that I had created when I still lived in Ohio.  It was my first Zazzle store, and as such, I felt my efforts were more um, shall we say, elementary?  And yet, I find it interesting to see what my first tentative designs were using my photography with a much cheaper Fujifilm camera.

You can see my first store here.  I think I've decided to keep it and grow it more.  What was even more surprising - I have earnings at this store!  I didn't realize this because I had an old email (long discontinued) linked to this Zazzle store, so I wasn't getting any notifications.

I know, it's not as exciting for anyone else, but it was pretty exciting to me.  I'm rather simple like that sometimes.  :-)

Wishing y'all a wonderful, fun-filled February weekend!  Stay warm!!!

January's Country Giveaway Winner!!

And the winner of the $25 Zazzle giveaway is #2, which happens to be ....


A big congrats to her!  Karla, please email me with your choice of Zazzle product(s) and your address so I can get your prize ordered and mailed to you!  The $25 is inclusive of shipping costs, so try to allow a little bit of wiggle room.  If it's a wee bit over, no big deal.

My email link is at the bottom of every blog post, or you can find a "contact" link through my blogger profile.

Yesterday morning - no snow, 60 degree plus day!!

Thank you to everyone who participated and entered.  If you weren't aware of the millions of cool products available on Zazzle before this, I hope it helped you to add this find to your list of potential places to find a cool gift for someone in the future.

Stay tuned... February's Country Giveaway will be posted in the next few days!