Hubster Competes on "Tough Grit" TV Show

Tomorrow night, Monday October 22, at 6:00 p.m. Central Time (7:00 p.m. EST), on RFD TV (231 on Dish satellite), my husband Tom will be a competitor on the TV show "Tough Grit".  This show is a collaboration of Grit magazine and Tractor Supply.

Here's more info about the "Tough Grit" TV show at Tractor Supply's website.

And you can check out the "Tough Grit" crew on Facebook. Give 'em a like, or heck, you can even sign up to be a contestant if you want!

We've waited many months to view this episode.  The original taping was back in May.  Tom had such a fun time doing the filming with everyone, and he really enjoyed meeting Caleb Regan and Hank Will from Grit magazine, along with the guys from Tractor Supply.

Watch the trailer for Tom's episode tomorrow night right here on YouTube.  That's Tom in the blue plaid shirt.

At stake was a $1000 Tractor Supply gift card.  He didn't win that $1000 gift card.  But he did win a $500 Tractor Supply gift card, woohoo!  Each of the two competitors got one, since each competitor won one of the two competitions on the show.

That $500 gift card sure did come in handy, since we buy our senior horse's feed at Tractor Supply.  So Murphy's Purina senior feed was gratis for about 5 months.  That was a huge help to our financial bottom line.

If you have a little time tomorrow night, and can find the show on your cable or satellite channel offering, do watch it.  I guarantee you an informative 30 minutes, or at the very least, a few chuckles.

I know we'll be laughing....

Bottom line, Tom had a GREAT time doing this.  :-)