I Am Sad... Where Does the Time Go?!


I did not get my fall garden planted.


Too many hours spent working at the turnpike and not enough time to spend on so many things at home.

Ah well, I have seeds to plant in the spring now.

And let me just say something about poo.


I'm beginning to think that is my primary job here.  Cleaning poo.  Especially cat litter boxes and specifically, my precious little guinea keets.  My goodness, they are quite the little poo machines!!!

Getting big - 3 weeks old on Monday 
They're flying around their brooder and roosting on top
of the food and water jars.... next on our agenda, 
getting the chicken coop ready for them!

I'm not saying I MIND, because I really don't mind
taking care of our little menagerie.  

Jes sayin' it's certainly not my favorite job. Ugh.

New Baby Leah Photos

O.M.G.  I just about died when I saw baby Leah's newest batch of baby photos. She's already 3 months old!

My son and his wife took her to a photography studio last week, and wow-oh-wow, did they do a fantastic job. 

Of course, I think the subject matter
contributed A LOT to the gorgeous photos.

 Gotta love that funny lil face!

There's more great shots from Leah's first professional modeling session on my daughter-in-law's blog..... I'm going to Ohio in another 10 days and just can't wait to see the whole crew again! :-)

Don't forget to vote for Leah in Gerber's Baby Contest ~ you can vote every single day in the month of September, if you want to!  And THANKS to all who have already voted.  I appreciate you guys so much!!!

Next blog post:  Update on Guinea Keets aka Poop Machines 

Update on Votes for Leah

Just a reminder to all my friends and family to please vote for Leah during the month of September in the Gerber Baby Contest.

Everyone who votes and leaves a comment here on my blog indicating they voted will be entered into a drawing for the prizes as noted in my previous blog post. This drawing will be held in early October, once I can tally up all the votes made in September.

My previous blog post stipulated whoever voted the most would win the prize package. To be fair to all who take the time to vote for Leah, I am changing that condition to anyone who votes. Period. Everyone will be entered into the drawing and have a fair chance at winning the prizes! :-)

Leah has 127 votes as of today, but she sure needs more, so please do take a minute to click one of the links in this post and vote!!  You can vote once a day during the month of September.

Thanks a million!!!

Sweet Leah... Future Gerber Baby? {And a Bloggy Giveaway Too}

Update on Vote for Leah Giveaway:
First, a big thank-you to everyone who has been taking a minute out of their crazy day to vote for Leah in Gerber's Baby Contest!!! 

Second, because so many of my readers are voting without letting me know by multiple comments here, I am modifying the giveaway terms to include everyone who votes. Period. If you've commented that you've voted, then you will be entered into a random drawing in early October to win the prize package as detailed in this post.

Many thanks to those who are voting.  As I've said before, I know I'm biased being her gramma and all, but honestly, even if I weren't her gramma, well, I just really think she is cute!  LOL

How could this little beauty NOT win the Gerber Baby Contest

Well, if she doesn't get enough votes, that's how.

So, please, please, PRETTY PLEASE, could you take a minute and click on the Gerber link to vote for Leah?  You can do it every single day in September if you like (which would be MAH-VA-LUSH!!) but if you at least do it once for me, I'll be a happy gramma!

It's really easy.  Just click the link and vote, then click the confirmation email you'll get.  If you don't click the confirmation email, your vote won't count.

I rarely beg... but I'm begging ya'll.  

*sigh* I know....it's rather pathetic to see an old lady beg, huh?

Just look at this pink bundle of cuteness!!
She's almost 3 months old already.

That's Leah's mommy (my daughter-in-law) the day Leah was born.
 Ok, it's not just me... Leah's mommy is begging
you to vote for Leah too.

Now I'm going to be even more pathetic... for every vote you cast, come back here and leave a comment letting me know you voted for Leah.  I'll send whoever votes the most a CARE package of yummy homemade treats, including:
Votes will be tallied at the end of September. The reader who votes the most will receive the CARE package in early October.

I can't believe I'm resorting to bribery.  :-)

To all of my readers who take the precious time to vote...

Finally... Guinea Keets on Our Homestead!

{no, I haven't named them yet}

Last Thursday, we bought the last 5 lavender guinea keets at Orscheln's and planned to return Saturday morning to pick them up.  Sadly, one of the lavenders drowned in the water bowl before our return, so we took one of the pearl gray keets (the brown one).  Here's a link to a chart of guinea colors - both the babies and how they look as adults.

The keets hatched early last Monday morning, so they are 6 days old today.  After we picked them up yesterday, hubby spent the afternoon building a large brooder for them.

Many thanks, hugs and kisses to my sweet hubby for buying the keets for me, and spending his time (when he's so busy with a million other things, such as our garage) to build their lovely home. 

Finally, my first birds!!!  :-)

September Sunrise

autumn will be here soon...

 Visit more beautiful skies at SkyWatch Friday