Oz Girl's Favorite Chocolate Martini

I think it's hard to classify this deelish drink... I mean,
does it fall under alcoholic beverages, or desserts?!

In either case, here's the recipe to make
just enough for one person to savor:
One jigger* Godiva dark chocolate liqueur
One jigger vanilla vodka
One jigger half and half

Rim your martini glass with vanilla flavored cocktail sugar.  {I found mine at a Williams & Sonoma store quite a few years ago.  It's pricey, but it lasts a long time!} If you don't have any decadent vanilla sugar, you can use regular ole sugar.  Drizzle some chocolate syrup around the inside of your martini glass.

Mix the above liquid ingredients in a shaker with ice, shaking hard so some of the ice breaks up into lil teeny bits.  Strain the drink into your martini glass, letting some of the teeny ice shreds through to keep your drink chilled. Alternately, you could just drink it fast and not worry about your martini losing its chill.... I mean, dessert is meant to be inhaled, right?

There are several Godiva chocolate liqueurs on the market ~ milk chocolate, white chocolate and a dark chocolate (the original), plus mocha and their newest concoction, a caramel milk chocolate liqueur.  I haven't tried this last one yet, but it sure sounds yummy. Or if you don't want to spend all your hard earned dough on a Godiva liqueur, try using some creme de cacao, either the dark or light. For variety, you could add some Bailey's, or Kahlua for an espresso flavored martini. 

This is the perfect drink if you want to feel like you've just left that big snow pile you call home and pretend you're sitting at the cutest lil island bar somewhere on St. Thomas!  {wink}

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  • A jigger is larger than a shot, 1.5 oz to be precise.  What the hay, throw in 2 oz of each ingredient and make yourself a bigger martini.


  1. That's sinful! May you receive 30 lashes with a wet noodle for posting this recipe. OMG!

  2. Ms. Queen... A wet noodle would be downright yucky in this marvelous drink. :-D

  3. I'm a chocolate fiend so this one is so on my list! Thanks for coming to the party and bringing fun drinks.
    Tamy ~ OKK

  4. Mmmmm! Sounds so decadent! I've always wanted to try a chocolate martini. Thanks for the recipe, but can I just come over and drink one with you?

    Don't you think chocolate cherry cheesecake would go well with one, too?


  5. You are amazing. I know this will be a rough week at the office and this would be a welcome treat. I always have meant to look up a recipe for this... but now, no need. Thank you. Enabler! =P

  6. I think it sounds more like dessert. Yummy yum yum. I drank vodka this weekend and I just told my husband that I don't think I should drink vodka anymore because it wiped me out. But....I think I may have to take that statement back. This looks so good.

  7. How incredibly sweet from everyone! I am soooo loving all these recipes. Booze is the one thing that is cheap down here, so i am trying all those drinks I have heard of in the past

    WONDERUL martini!

    Stay warm and dream of summer days to come, won't be long now.

  8. Oh, that's Baaaad!! But sounds oh so good. Thanks for the famous Oz Girl Chocolate Martini recipe. Yum! -Tammy

  9. My, thats devilish overload, but it sounds like Heaven!

  10. Must. Have. One. Right. NOW!

    Wait. What? Whadda ya mean it's only 9 o'clock in the morning? On a Monday...


  11. Hi Suz - I'm back! Ugh missed you - thank you so much for the kind words :)
    And what a perfect post to come back to - you had me at the word chocolate in the title! Yuuuuuuummmmmy!

  12. I SO need a Chocolate Martini right now........

  13. Can it be used for medicinal purposes to help a cold too? Oh, I'm sure it can! Silly me for asking!

  14. Oh no..and you have a nice photo to go with-plus, you can enlarge it!! I don't drink much these days, but vodka never used to upset my stomach for some reason. This looks delicious-

  15. However you classify it, it looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. I hope you are having a terrific day.

  16. I think it probably spells trouble if you have more than one of them. Looks too good.

    Hope all is well with you.

  17. Oh yummy! That's for linking up this little dose of deliciousness for Dave's party at Our Krazy Kitchen! Mmmm, I can almost taste it! :-)

  18. Anything chocolate sparks my interest but I'd have to format a virgin version(say that five times fast) or I'd be flat on my tush.

    Have yourself a fantastically blessed day!!!

  19. OH my I just discovered Malibu and diet now this?! I'm gonna be in trouble LOL!!! Definitely gonna be trying this!!

  20. now that looks absolutely delicious!