Coexisting {Peacefully} With Mud

This is what my feet have looked like
when I've fed the horses this week.
Special, ain't it?

It's a good thing I bought Muck brand boots a few months ago for the hubster and I. They're awesome boots, the absolute best for these kind of muddy conditions around the ranch! These are the "Jobber" Muck boots (below) and what I'm wearing in the photo above, although it's hard to tell with all the mud schmoozing around my feet. I REALLY LOVE MY MUCK BOOTS!!

These are the "Chore" Muck boots (below) that I bought for hubby... he loves his boots too, and really appreciates them during these muddy days!
I really feel bad for the horses... their paddock areas are just an absolute mess right now. They all have access to pasture area, which is not as muddy as their paddocks, but of course they rarely go out to the pastures since there's nothing but brown grass out there right now.

Paint horse, ever inquisitive about my camera!

Poor ole Murphy, always being sassed by Paint - we rope him off separately these days to ensure he gets all his Purina Equine Senior feed. Goodness knows that fat ole Paint doesn't need it!

Miss Stormy's legs, hoof-deep in mud

The sheer ugliness of our roads is
mirrored by our truck's appearance.

Thank gawd we have a redneck car wash on the side of our road. Never heard of that? Look closely at the photo above, and you can see the tire tracks where hubby zoomed the truck as far to the left of the road as he could, and as fast as he could, to wash some of the mud off the truck. Yeppers, men and 4-wheel drive trucks and muddy roads -- it's a testosterone laden combination!

Quite frankly, the mud has beat me. Yes, this city gal has reluctantly given in to the mud ~ what else could I do? I sadly clean it, day after day, from our laundry room aka mud room.

Now I know why they are called "mud rooms".

But would I ever reconsider living in the country, and move back to the city?!


I will plant my feet firmly on this country soil {mud}, and try to coexist peacefully with this time of year that I call the "season of mud". It may have beat me in a realistic, physical kind of way, but it will never rob me of all the myriad pleasures of country living.

And of course, my Muck boots will keep the mud
from sucking me into it's squishy depths.


  1. I'm going to have to get us some Muck boots. We wear our rubber boots but they're not very comfortable. Hubs would throw on his Crocks and they worked well (except when there's deep mud) but our neighbors dog ran off with one and he got tired of trying to hop around on one foot and finally chucked the lone shoe.

    Hang in there. Soon it will be dry and hot and we'll be longing for the days of mud. HUGS

  2. All that mud, yuck! But glad to hear you think it's worth it.

  3. Icky, mucky, yucky! But I know it's worth it. Stay clean and dry :-)

  4. Susan, my world is the same right now! This week I slipped in the mud as I was emptying the muck wheelbarrow..into the muck pile. Face down into a pile of horse manure. I was covered and I smelled. Badly. Good Lord, it was gross!
    J thought it was hilarious when he came home from school. It's funny now, but at the time I spit out swear words left and right!!

    J has a pair of the "chores" and loves 'em!

    Your right. We complain, but we country girls wouldn't have it any other way!
    xo, misha

  5. I understand...we've had a lot of rain and are dealing with mud just learn to live with it...

  6. Mud season starts in late March and goes all through April. When I wish for spring it is always tempered by the anxiety mud causes. It is awful. We have heavy clay soil and it is the worst mud ever. Boot sucking, tendon popping crap. Oops, sorry I got carried away.

  7. I would trade mud on my boots for this city life that I'm living anytime but I can see where you are probably tired of cleaning the floor's! There's nothing I like more than driving through a big mud puddle! My Great Grandmother used to say "it's just a little clean dirt"!

  8. We no longer have horses, or a country home, but we do have more than our fair share of mud here in NE Georgia right now, and could use some of those muck boots! We also don't have a mud room, but an outside door coming directly into the kitchen. With three dogs coming in after wading ankle deep in puddles and mud, I've finally started putting down sheets for them to walk in on, and when they're soaked I just pop them in the washer and put down another one. It really helps, covers a larger area that a rug or towel, and makes it easier to stop them for a towel-down before they hit the living room carpet! Hey, do they make muck boots for dogs?

  9. I LOVE my muck boots. Between all this snow and mud when it melts, I can not imagine life without them right now. I got the Hi-Cut Chore Work Boots and they are wonderful. I love that they stretch to fit snugly around the calf so I can tuck my boots in and not worry about snow or muck getting inside the top of them! They keep my feet so warm that they have become my favorite winter boot. I do hate the snow and mud - but I agree that muck boots makes it as tolerable as possible!

  10. Oh Susan those boots look so comfy and great! I can just imagine how useful they are outside! Love your photos always...

    Hope you having a lovely weekend, much love: Evi

  11. Oh man, I want some REAL Muck boots! You're lucky! My Orscheln Farm & Home specials are adequate, but... I think I *need* some Mucks :) I'm with you on the mud. Although we're covered with snow right now. Yep, it was our turn yesterday. And more scheduled for tomorrow night. Can't wait :-/

    Great pics! -Tammy

  12. I've had Muck Boots for almost two years now and I too love them. Glad you enjoyed my book!

  13. Could I ever have been slower getting here? Finally made it for a visit, and loved your post. We will have mud in a couple more months, usually starting in late March and running to, oh, maybe about June. In fact we say we have five seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter, Mud, Spring (which lasts 3.2 days). Horse and donkey get very tired of the mud, but that's the perils of living on clay like we do.
    Thanks for having stopped by and left your comment. I can see we're going to have fun keeping up with one another's adventures. Looking forward to it.

  14. Wonderful post, SiouxSioux. Grampa would be so proud of your photography, and your little sis is so proud of you too--not just for your amazing blog, but the amazing organic pup treats and now the cookie business too! I'm watching for the snickerdoodles' availability so I can treat my office to round #2 of Lazy G Ranch goodies. Maybe some day I'll achieve your domestic goddess status...but, then again...nahhhh!

  15. So funny that they call them Muck boots.

    Your photos are great. The last ones look like they're dated circa 1930's. Nice effects.

    And poor horsies! Stuck in the bogs! More power to you for not letting the mud get to you. I would be screaming for sidewalks at some point. Everyday.

  16. Oh, I feel so sorry for the horses !!! They are not getting a chance to dry out...If you can get me your e-mail address I would be happy to send you some pics of the two trailers we have completely renovated and what they sold for...after the bed bug post I'm thinking it is the only way to go.

  17. I am so sick of this mud and snow and rain and gray skies! Here we go into the spring and it will be even wetter, but then we will forget by summertime when we want some wetness! :) I think we are going to be getting more tonight or tomorrow! South central Kansas and Northeastern Oklahoma are pretty close together so I know you are getting about the same tonight as we are!

  18. Interesting shots. I'm so, so glad it's not that muddy here. At least yet.

  19. It's just part of the territory that comes along with ranch or farm life.

    We've not gotten into the mud part of the season yet. That will come later....much later. We've still got a foot of snow on the ground and it was snowing today and is expected to snow off and on all week.
    No mud here. We can't even see the ground yet.


  20. Great photos! Glad I found ya. Gotta replace my widget as I had trouble locating where you moved to. Replacing it now.

    No mud here, just TONS of snow and another foot of it or so on the way.

  21. Oh your photos are just wonderful. I love the horsey ones especially (of course :-)). Ah well, at least you're not snowed in, as they are in other parts of your country.
    Our horses have had to spend a couple of days in their stables, everything was iced over. We've managed to get the manege accessable, so they can go outside again. It's becoming a bit boring (so will the mud I expect), but you can't do anything about it.
    Patience ;-p

  22. Hi Susan,
    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for your kind words...they meant a lot. It may take time but I WILL get through this. I'll be fine; I always am.

    Lovely photos as ever; my favourite is the 'redneck carwash'...great effect and the simplicity tells a story in itself :)

  23. This is classic! I don't care what, any place you live has draw backs..whether it be snow, rain, sulfur emissions (lol) or heat! I like your attitude but I'd be fed up too! Anyway, I left a comment on (In The Wood)-thanks
    and had had to come visit! Hope things dry up for's a beautiful place.
    Regards, Regina-

  24. Life is indeed what you make it! Glad you have your place in the world. Great to enjoy life!

  25. we wear wellies - know what they are?