And Our Cookie Winner is...

The #13 comment was selected by that would be Miss Misha of From My Front Porch in the Mountains!

Thanks again to everyone who entered... Misha, you've got one hour to send me your address - email me at suzgarten(at)  I've got your package all ready to send out.  :-)

Congrats Misha, and I hope you enjoy the cookies, and the dog treat samples! 


  1. Oh boy, oh boy! I hope I got here in time!
    I do have an power went out this morning, as it always does in this little mountain town.argh!
    I emailed you, Susan. But, if I am too late, I do understand :)
    Rules are rules. And I always play by the rules!
    (but you can bend them, right!!!)

    Thanks for another great giveaway, Susan!

    xo, misha
    p.s. Did you share about your grandmother? Maybe I missed it. Is she doing better?

  2. Waaaa...maybe next time...I was wondering abut your grandmother also...let us know...

  3. Here's sendin' Misha a big old congratulations on the big win. I just have one word....SHARE??? Heeehehe!

    God bless and have a glorious day!!!

  4. Congratulations Misha!!! You lucky girl, bet those cookies are sooooo yummy!

  5. OHHH Congrats to her!! I totally missed the timeline to enter LOL!! I guess I will be ordering more soon!

  6. in my mind - your cookies gently massage my tongue then dance salsa with my taste buds and each lasts for around 2 hours :)