Let's Pick Another Cookie Winner!!

Yeppers, that's right... I'm baking up some fresh I Heart You cookies today, and I thought, hey, why not have a SECOND winner of my spring giveaway?

 My newest batch of I Heart You cookies will
include a pastel spring assortment of rounds.

Soooo, leave a comment here, and I'll pick a winner tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Central time. Be ready to send me your address right quick if you're the winner, because I'll be packing up your cookies and mailing them tomorrow afternoon! I'll need your address within one hour of my announcement, or I'll pick another winner. So pay attention! :-)

The winner will receive a half dozen of the I Heart You cookies, plus samples of some of my dog treats. If you're not the happy owner of a dog, I'm sure you know a dog owner who would love some free, all-natural, homemade dog treats. And of course, that will endear any pup to you for life. Right?

I'll also be having another dog book giveaway on my Lazy G Ranch blog sometime this week, so keep an eye out and be sure to enter for your chance to win.

Weather forecast in south central Kansas today: Cloudy and windy, temps steady in the low 30's. Winds N at 15 to 20 mph.  

Sky color = gray.

Yep.  Sounds like the perfect day to bake some cookies.


  1. love your blog and the cookies look wonderful. (Second attempt - first one evidently work.) live here in Kansas and have a rescue dog, Wally.

  2. No need to enter me since you have already sent me some of your yummy cookies. I just wanted to stop by and say HI! Good luck to all the other entries!

  3. I've already won, but just wanted to say to everyone else, "Susan's I heart you cookies are the buttery sugar best cookies EVER! Whoever wins.....enjoy one for me, please!"

    I'd love to win some dog cookies, though, for my little wonky-eared Dobbie girl. hehe!


  4. OHH...those look so yummy and would be soooooo bad for my diet which is why i think you should pick me. :)

  5. I would love to win your cookies. I know they're good, because you made them. My boys would love more cookies, because they haven't had yours since "Aunt Diana" got them some. Have a great day.

  6. YUM! What yummy looking cookies, I love sugar cookies the best and iced too; even better.
    Hope I win...would love them! :-)

  7. My husband and grandsons have been complaining that there are never any cookies in the house! Let's see..one for each of them, one for me, and one for my daughter and her husband...hey, that adds up to six!

  8. You go girl, I bet those orders will be flying out the door.


  9. Oh, add me to the list to be picked, too. I love cookies and have a very special black lab at my house.

    Thanks for your generous give-aways!


  10. Ha! I am eating choclate chip cookies right now. But these could never compare to yours! These cookies wouldn't compare to your home-made pup cookies!

    I know..I am begging!


  11. I really don't need to eat any cookies but I have grandchildren that would be more than willing to eat them and a granddog that would LOVE the goodies. :)

  12. You had me at cookies! Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway.
    The Bad Girl's Kitchen

  13. Awww, man... day late and a dollar short. They look soo good and congrats to Misha! She's a sweetie.

    The Blue Ridge Gal