A Little of This, and a Little of That

It's a beautiful sunny day today... isn't it amazing what the sun can do for a person's outlook?  You can't help but feel more cheerful and have an agreeable disposition and outlook on life.  Perhaps I'll take the furkids on a walk around the property later this afternoon...

As promised in my last post, I've put up a dog book giveaway at my Lazy G Ranch website.  So hop on over and make a comment to enter... you have until Sunday the 28th.  Earn extra points if you tweet, facebook or post on your blog about my book giveaway ~ just let me know in your comment if you do so.  Subscribe to the Lazy G blog and earn an extra 5 points!

Since several of my readers have asked about my grandmother, I want to let y'all know that upon my departure from Ohio she was doing exceptionally well.  No longer at death's door, she was not only eating and taking her meds voluntarily, but she was up and about, going to eat in the nursing home dining room and meeting other ladies.  So I think she's got quite a bit more time here on this lovely planet, contrary to the doctor's prognosis.  Thank you to everyone who asked about her, and for all your good wishes and prayers.

While in Ohio, I found several old photo albums at her house.  If only I had drove to Ohio, then I would have brought those home with me and reorganized them (many are falling out of the binders) and then scanned several to add to my post here.  I should have selected a few photos to bring back home with me, but alas, I did not.  There's a wealth of old, old family photos there.  Our great-aunts were fascinated with the family genealogy, and so I did manage to snag many of their written research materials.  I've started a family tree on  Ancestry.com {just another of my many projects that I don't seem to have the appropriate amount of time to devote} but as soon as I can get back to it, it promises to provide an additional wealth of information.  In the materials that my great-aunts put together, I have family names dating back to 1769; Leonard Barnes, who was born that year, would be my great-great-great-great-great grandfather!!  Five generations ago, how cool is that?


The above photo sits right here by my computer; I've had it a long time. This is my great-great grandfather Joshua (also my son's name) and his wife Sarah, married Christmas eve 1885.  Joshua was 24, Sarah was only 17.   Joshua passed away in August 1936, Sarah in January 1942.

When I get those photo albums back home, I'll have lots more really cool old pics to post.  I'd like to put up some pics of my gramma, both in her younger days and more recent photos too.

Now I did say "a little of this and a little of that" in my post... here's something else on my agenda these days...

This is a baby quilt I started for my son and his wife, oh, about 3 years ago?  Some of you may know that they had a miscarriage in 2006, and then another in 2007, and possibly a few more before they even knew they were pregnant.  It's been a rocky road for them, but this time it appears we're going to have a new family member by June...I'm going to be a grammy!  Soooo, upon my return from Ohio last week, I removed the above quilt from my living room chest because now I need to finish this bugger.  I am hand quilting inside each heart and around each heart, then I need to get some yarn to do some random hand tying in the border.  Wish me luck... this is my first official quilt project!!

 close-up of the heart detail
This is the book, below, that I adapted my heart quilt from... I know this isn't the best picture, but you can kinda see the heart quilt on the cover of the book here.  I like the country look of their quilt (it's a button quilt) and maybe I'll even do a second one like it... I modified mine for a baby with the soft, muted natural tones.  If you're interested in this book, it can be purchased at Gooseberry Patch.  It's a wonderful book with really cool country designs and recipes too!
I think that's enough of "this and that" for this post... stay tuned for my next post, as we discuss a unique and adorable alternative to staying at hotels which may have bedbugs!!  

And for your reading pleasure, here's a recent news article in the Wichita Eagle ...  I think if you are travelling through our wonderful state, you may want to think twice about staying in ANY of our hotels.  Seriously.  Any of my readers are more than welcome to stay at our place.  We would love to have y'all!


  1. My girl that's a lot of this and that! I'm so happy your Grandmother is doin' better. Ya sure have a treasure in those pictures. I'm lookin' forward to seein' more of them.

    Your baby quilt is just precious. Oh, are you gonna have fun girl!

    I just love anything Gooseberry Patch! They have the coolest stuff!

    God bless and have the best day!!!

  2. That is a beautiful quilt, I love it. Congrats on becoming a grandmother!

    I'm glad to hear your grandmother is doing better and is up and about.

    Great photo of your great-great grandparents, what a treasure!

    Be well ~Andrea~

  3. great little quilt...my grandson is due in July....

  4. Congratulations on the grandbaby. She quilts too! You amaze me with your many talents.

  5. Isn't funny how we have an image of someone that we have never met? I'm thinking the Oz Girl is young enough to be having babies of her own and her she is going to be a grammy!! Congrats..
    Glad your grandmother is doing better...every once in a while things just get a little out of sync and it takes someone to come in and figure things out.
    Now about the bed bug thing...just another reason for a cute little trailer!! Plus I can just see you going to fairs and feed stores and pet store parking lots with all your doggy treats and wonderful cookies...we can meet up and "sell it all"....We will have a guest house ready this fall...hope all of our readers will be in the mood to travel....promise no bed bugs...

  6. I love that quilt and I'm so excited that you are going to be a grammy since i'm a grammy too. :)

    I'm happy your grandmother is doing so well and you're back home safe and sound. HUGS.

  7. Congrats granny!!!

    ... sorry I haven't been around for awhile, I moved to the US Virgin Islands (I still giggle when I say that) for six months, and it is taking awhile to get settled. But i do think I am caught up, and will be back with new postings...

    Come take a look at my new blogs of Island life!

    And keep me informed of the beauties of Kansas! I really do miss it (sometimes)

  8. I'm glad to hear that your Granny is doing well!!! Love the old picture! They a always tell such a story!

    Congrats on becoming a Grammy!! How exciting for them after all of the heartache! The quilt is fantastic!

  9. I am so going to dive into ancestry.com when I grow up...or when the last kid leave home:) Grma doing good, grand baby on the way...all is right with the world. I just received a gooseberry patch chocolate mini cookbook for Valentines...pretty fun stuff.

  10. So much good news in one post...your Grandma is feeling better and you're going to be a Grammy yourself!

    Thanks for including us in this post...we're so glad you're enjoying the book. Would you believe that this book has no reviews on our website? We'd love to have yours! :)

    For even more Gooseberry goodies, visit our blog at...


    See you there!

  11. Love your blog. i think it is so cute and love the title. I dont know your grandmother but I am happy to hear she is doing well. I lost mine last year and it was a terrible loss. I am your new follower and i look forward to reading your posts each week. WOuld love for you to check out my blog if you get a chance.I have great recipes and I am doing a fantastic Lisa Lenoard jewerly giveaway this week so be sure to come by and enter to win! http://kitchenbelleicious.blogspot.com

  12. I am fascinated by old photographs! Any more?

  13. I LOVE the quilt! I forgot all about it...our little girl is going to be so spoiled!

  14. Cool old time photo! and congrats on the upcoming grandbaby. He/she will love the quilt!