The Never-Ending Home Project

The trim color "matches" the metal roof (ehw)

As you can see, LOTS of scraping and sanding to prep for paint
Lil Miss Tori wants to be outside with her dad

A nice neutral tan color with darker brown trim

Would you believe it was my 67-year old mom's idea to paint the house? (She's probably regretting that grand idea by now.)

We planned on repainting it this year as it was in bad shape when hubby bought it a few years ago. But it's a big job, and we wanted to plan strategically around the weather. As luck would have it, mom came to visit last Fri, with plans to only stay through Tuesday. But she's still here since it was HER idea to paint our house, lol... the weather's been great. Very dry (no rain), BUT the gnats were atrocious for a few days, and we've both got our share of welts. I'm glad the gnats seem rather sparse today, thank goodness.

I'll tell you what
, we will ALL be glad when this project is done. But it makes our lil country home look SO nice. :-) Now if I can just get some time to plant flowers it will look even better!

More pics to come as we finish up over the next few days. And then I'll get back to my bloggy friends too. Sorry I've been rather remiss in visiting everyone's blog AGAIN. I'll be back soon, I promise!



  1. Hot day in Ohio.. I don't have any painting to do but I am putting a new garden shed together.Good luck with your project..

  2. Oh that's gonna look so much better when you're done! Yes I'd like to be lying right on the next sunbed with you gossiping LOL! Mind you my Hammocks not a bad alternative today :-)

  3. Hey, if I paint my house, will that fantastic view appear in my backyard too? I'm beginning to relax already.

  4. Can't wait to see more pics! I love the earth tones!

  5. Oh yuck, painting a house is a ton of work. And I need to do mine, too. Hope yours goes quickly.

  6. Hey Girl,
    Everyone in BlogLand has slowed down a's because the weather is nice and we all have house work,yard work, yadda yadda yadda.
    Looking forward to more pics!

  7. Did you have to remind me that I really desperately need to paint my house? Things are looking great over there! :-)

  8. Dude - where's that pool pic from? I want to go there.

  9. I'm STILL waiting on "mom" to come visit me. Did she lose the directions to my house??

    Can't wait to see the finished product. MUAH!

  10. Pretty paint color! And, best of all, it matches dirt! I had to move away from Kansas before I ever saw carpet in another color besides brown. LOL

  11. I helped my daughter paint her house and then they had to move!! I would do it all over again we had a great time. Even when we spilled the pain on the wood floor,of course I got it all up I'm the "mom".
    Have a good time with your mom.

  12. Looks marvelous gal!!! You're right.....having a house is a never ending project, lol.
    Is Mom available to help paint our barn?? I'm procrastinating on that one.
    Hope your weekend is filled with much love, joy and laughter nice lady and........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  13. It is looking good! Do every pair of shoes you own have paint specks yet? :)

  14. can't wait to see the end results...great Mom you have to come visit and paint...

  15. Dear Susan! I know about the never ending home project LOL. However it's so fun to organise your home together with your family and you really did a great job...and that last

  16. Thanks for all your encouraging tweets! We had a great mini vacation!

    Whether it is cleaning, painting or renovations, house work is a drag.