Team Roping Season is Here!

Yesterday, we got a last-minute phone call -- the boys were going to practice some team roping in Tonkawa (Okieland), about 30 minutes south of us. Now, I know the females can sympathize with me on this one -- I had to rush to get ready and since I only knew Kelly and no one else, I wanted to look presentable. ACKKKK - the big rush ensued. Of course I really wanted to go, as I had yet to see hubby do his thang. What a great photo opp!

(left to right)
Tom on Stormy, Jay on his roping horse, and
Clayton on "Bronco Billy"

A little background on Tom's roping horse situation:
He had a fantastic horse, Mike, and roped off him for years. Mike was your typical laid back quarter horse, but when the steer shot from the chute, Mike was all business. In October 2007, Tom noticed he was limping after an event. After a trip to the vet, then to Oklahoma State's vet hospital, it was determined that Mike's roping days were over, as he was beginning to develop calcium deposits on his knees. Mike is now living the high life in Wyoming with Tom's daughter Missy, and training the grandkids how to ride.

Stormy is not a finished roping horse. But we took her yesterday so she can get accustomed to the noise and craziness that goes on at a roping event. She did really good. We'll need to send her off to finishing school, where a seasoned roper will train her to be a good header horse. In the meantime, Tom will borrow a horse from a friend so he can enter some team roping events.

After riding Stormy a bit, just to get her acclimated to all the commotion, Tom parked her outside the arena and saddled up on "Bronco Billy" (the white horse) so he could practice his roping. I'm not sure what this horse's proper name was, but he acquired the "Bronco Billy" moniker early on in practice. When Clayton was roping off him, he did a few crow hops as Clayton dallied off at the end of the run. Needless to say, when you're sitting on a horse, those crow hops feel like full-fledged bucks! He did this to Tom a few times also, but luckily no one was bucked off; the saddle pad was checked for any wrinkles or anything underneath that might be pinching the horse, but nothing was found.

Backing up into the box

Tom (header) on "Bronco Billy" and Jay doing the heeling thang

Herding the cattle back to the chute

Waitin' in the chute

This gal liked to kneel in the chute...
perhaps she was praying for a quick getaway?!

jes waitin'


Maudie was one of several dogs on the property. She's always looking for a sucker to throw her rope.... um, that sucker would be me yesterday. :-)

And last but surely not least, our host Kelly.
He has a beautiful spread and we thank him
so much for his gracious hospitality!


  1. Wonderful shots, and it looks like the boys had fun! :)

  2. Yi Haw!!!!
    What great photos.
    I felt as though I was really there.

  3. You really make me miss being around horses. Great shots.

  4. Ropings are fun and I miss them as my son is too busy to rope anymore. I loved the pictures. Makes me want to go ride. *sigh*

  5. Aw, poor Mike the horse - glad he's living out his retirement years in leisure!

    How in the world do the calves' ribs keep from breaking when you flop them over on their side to tie them? I've wondered that since I was a kid, seems like they'd crack ribs for sure!

  6. Just met you on Twitter.. Like your blog.
    I live in Lancaster Ohio.. Where in Ohio are you from?

  7. Great photos, my friend, I LOVE team roping. Can't wait until it starts here it will probably after Memorial Day.

  8. Great post and awesome photo's.
    What a fun day!!
    I would love to take pictures at something like that!! WOW!!

  9. Great read for a Wednesday morning--always something interesting going on out your way.

  10. Awesome photographs! It looks like so much watch!

  11. Hi, I popped over from Life with Dogs where you have left the exact comment I wanted to write. So I thought I should check to see if you are really my alter-ego ;-) love horses and so do I.
    I live in the Netherlands, quite rural, we have three horses, one of them is a 5 week old foal (pics on my english blog), dogs, cats, two pigs and some chickens. I ride english style. Dressage with an occasional jump. No roping and spectacular fast actions (not on purpose anyway) here. Great shots!

    Nice to have 'met' you.


  12. Wow! This is like something out of a film!

  13. That was really interesting. I was surprised (of course you know I know NOTHING about roping and competitations) that the steers are protected with head wraps!

    Goes so show those animal rights people really don't know WHAT they are talking about. Shish!

    This is a really cool post! {(Hugs)}

  14. Looks like a blast, but I'd probably end up hanging out with Maudie. I don't think I'd fare well on a horse!

  15. Looks like loads of fun! I love that everyone gets in on the action, including the dogs!

  16. The one photo of the rope in the air is really, really awesome! Sounds like you had a fun time, I have not watched anything like this is a long I found it very interesting! Looks like you made a friend in Maudie, she has a very intense stare! :)

  17. How cool! You make me want to move from the city to OZ Land too! :-)

  18. What a fun way to spend a day! And I loved your pictures of Maudie-girl! What a great name for a dog, and I love her serious approach to the rope. Dat girl is all bizniz! :-D

  19. You captured it all beautifully dear girl!!! What beautiful shots.........poetry in motion!!
    Now this is the heart of America here today, and every day.
    Awww........Miss Maudie is a be-yoot.
    You are just so lovely darling Oz Girl :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

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