Why Can't the Whole World Dance?!

I know that everyday can't be a sunny, cheerful day. We all have our problems, big and small, in our lives. But it's how we cope with those problems that defines the kind of person we are. If we overcome our problems, our challenges, our sadnesses, then we are a stronger person, and better equipped to deal with the next challenge that life hurls at us.

Now, I have never posted a video on my blog. And I won't be making a habit of it. But this video struck me in an odd way -- it made me cry and laugh at the same time. And I wondered, why can't the whole world dance together, instead of all the fighting, the killing, the torturing, the hunger? Why can't everyone let the pure joy in their hearts exercise its voice -- it's there. But we let the mundaneness of our everyday life kill it, stifle it. Can you imagine if you danced like this everyday, how GOOD you would feel? :-) Is this craziness, or insanity? No, I think this is what normal is, but we are so far removed from NORMAL, we hear so much bad news, that this kind of happiness expressed so rawly in this video feels foreign to us. Isn't that a shame?

So take a minute and watch this video. And do tell me, please, what emotions it invokes in you. My most favorit-est philosophy:

dAnCe In tHe SuN wItH a FlOwEr In YoUr hAiR!

Really. Try it.
You. MIGHT. Like. It.

More than 200 dancers were performing their version of "Do Re Mi", in the Central Station of Antwerp. With just 2 rehearsals they created this amazing stunt! Those 4 fantastic minutes started the 23 of march 2009, 08:00 AM. It is a promotion stunt for a Belgian television program, where they are looking for someone to play the leading role, in the musical of "The Sound of Music".


  1. Please forgive my cycnical attitude. (I agree it stinks).

    You said, "If we overcome our problems, our challenges, our sadnesses, then we are a stronger person, and better equipped to deal with the next challenge that life hurls at us."

    Sometimes people cannot overcome their problems. They are stuck in their own suffocating circumstances and can't escape.

    Sometimes, we overcome one challenge only to be thrown another one, without even time to breathe or enjoy the satisfaction.

    Some people are dying and have no hope of living another day.
    Some people are stuck in bodies that are filled with pain or that won't allow them to walk or even take basic care of themselves.
    Some people are racked with grief from losing loved ones and have no reason to feel like dancing with joy.

    While I enjoyed this video and the entertainment it provided, I can't say that it filled me with any urge to dance (even if I could dance, or walk for that matter) or to feel like the world should dance, too.

    Joy isn't always expressed in dancing. Joy can also be felt in much smaller, simpler ways.....the smell of fresh rain.....a warm breeze.....wildflowers in a field....feeling something soft on your skin.....laughter at foal taking it's first step.....watching a butterfly fluttering.....the sweet taste of fresh fruit......the sound of song birds.....a soft touch......the strength of mountains.....the vastness of the sea.....being able to drive on your own finally(and the freedom that entails).....and so so much more.

    Coming from someone who is physically challenged, it is too frustrating wanting to do what 'normal' people are able to do, and knowing that you can't. We have to find different ways to feel joy and happiness.

    Sometimes two legs are not required.


  2. I love this video. Being fully self-expressed in life, regardless of your physical or emotional handicaps, is a beautiful thing. I worked for over 12 years with folks who were paralyzed from spinal cord injuries and were in wheelchairs. Many of their lives were filled with joy, happiness, and even physical prowess (wheelchair basketball, swimming, skiing, etc.). Every day they inspired me to stop playing the victim, not the other way around.

    (BTW, I'm glad I found you via the ever-wonderful Julie at 47 and Starting Over. I'll be following you. Hop on over to my place if you get the chance. I've pulled out a cozy chair for you!)

  3. I loved this video. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Although I have seen this video, it brings me smiles with each viewing. Ther is another one out there in another train station with another tune - but it has the same effect on me.

  5. The joy and shock on the faces of the people in that station was a wonderful thing to see. They came out of their own world of trouble and woes stared talking to one another and laughing and sharing. How a smile has changed someone's life has been noted many times how many were changed that day? How many smiles have you brought by having this on your blog??
    So many have forgot how to smile we just need someone to make us remember. A flower,a sunrise,bird,butterfly,sunset,a child,and so on. Thank you for your today.

  6. Saw the story on this one earlier--good stuff. It is also fitting for this weekend as my mom (who passed away several years ago) always loved the Sound of Music. Thanks!

  7. Well, if everyone started dancing I'm thinking it would also cause some laughing and positive endorphins. :)

  8. This video made me smile even when i didn't feel like smiling. :) Thanks.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  9. This was AWESOME! I am smiling the biggest smile in days. I love the unexpected surprise of it all. Wouldn't you love that to happen to you while waiting in line for..........well...anything.

  10. Dear Susan. Unfortunatelly the video is not appear for me, but I couldn't agree more with you about what you wrote here. Oh and I love the quote: dAnCe In tHe SuN wItH a FlOwEr In YoUr hAiR! How perfect! Sending you tones of love: Evi

  11. Seriously, who wouldn't want to let loose and sing/dance to this song. If there ever was a movie that just made us happy, it was the Sound of Music. Hard to find anyone who doesn't know the songs by heart. And why wouldn't you want to know them? Thanks for the post.

  12. Oz!
    What a cool blog!
    And that video!
    Thanks for the follow.
    I'm following you back!
    Tweet ya later.

  13. You are so precious Oz Gal and I LOVED this video!!
    I agree........we should ALL dance like no one is watching. Prince and I love to cut a little rug out by our pool and sometimes just anywhere......much to the embarrassment of our kiddo's, lol.
    Oh well............We tell them that it's our turn to embarrass them now right????
    Have a fantastic day lovely lady and.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  14. Omigosh, I got all confused when my old blog layout popped up! LOL

    Just stopping by to get caught up on my blog reading!!!!

  15. I would LOVE to be a part of such a fun video, either one of the dancers, or one of the lucky folks who just happened to be surprised with spontaneous dancing happiness! And I LOVE The Sound of Music!! Regardless of disability, be it physical, emotional, mental, circumstantial...being able to find the sunshine in which to "dance" is a sweet secret of life. May a beam of joy shine on your life today, sis. Love you!

  16. This was fun to watch!


  17. Oh, I can't watch videos due to having satellite internet service and reaching my maximum this month but I do so agree with everything you have written in your post.

  18. Well I enjoyed it! It made me smile.. Laughing Orca is correct..some people can't dance..physically, but they can have a dancing attitude! :)

  19. What a great video. I love the SOund of Music and that totally brightened up a very drab, rainy, miserable and boring day.