So You're a Messy Cook in the Kitchen?

Well, then hop on over to Jeanine Sturgeon's blog for a chance to win a kitchen apron that voices a sentiment we probably all feel at times during our chaotic mid-lives. Jeanine's living such a fun mid-life in Big Bear City, CA ... she has several chickens and a rooster she's trying to find a new home for.... she has a new labrador puppy, Woody, who I think has stole her heart... and she goes on fun weekend trips with her husband and family, most recently, a fantastic weekend in San Diego which included an overnight stay on a yacht in the bay.

Her giveaway asks the question, Do you like music on other's blogs? Interesting question, that one. I enjoy hearing new music I've never heard before, so oftentimes I have my speakers on and I'm listening to the music others have on their blogs. It's a neat way to find something new that I may want to download from iTunes. But there are times when I've got the ole computer on MUTE; sometimes I'm just not in the mood and want peace & quiet! My family and friends have mentioned to me that they enjoy going to my blog and listening to my music, so although I've considered removing my playlist, for the time being, I'll leave it on my blog. Personally, I think it's easy enough for someone to turn off their sound if they don't want to hear my music.

So, if you're always making a mess all over yourself while baking or cooking, you need that apron that Jeanine is giving away. You owe it to yourself to head over to Jeanine's Big Bear Life and give her your opinion on blog music while you enter her contest at the same time!


  1. I entered although I don't cook enough to make many messes. Thanks for the heads up. :)

  2. Fun site you referred us to. The apron she's giving away as a prize is a hoot.

    Thanks for the review of her blog. I left a comment there.

  3. So whats up, your music is gone? You were my country favorite! I do like oldies better, I have been to a few blogs where it was classical music..boy did I feel out of place there. So country works for me.. I just have never added it to my blog..possibly no one wants to hear.. Brown Eyed Girl, The Lion sleeps tonight, or Stand by Me:)

  4. Ha, I keep my sound muted most of the time anyway. I am either at work and I spare my coworkers or at home and the kids are usually sleeping when I have a chance to view blogs.

  5. Thanks for the link. I posted my comment. I enjoy the music you have selected for your blog.
    I figure if I visit a blog and I don't like the particular music I can just use my volume wheel on my laptop.

    I don't cook much, but I could use the apron for barn work one day. It's always dirty work. Would also be good for when I'm working with wool so I don't get the grease all over my clothes, too.


  6. If I'm reading, it is usually at work or late at night when hubby is sleeping, so my computer is normally on mute. There ARE days when my computer gives me away and I am totally busted.