Where I Think Some of My Northern Friends Might Prefer to Be...

So I noticed the other day that several blogs I found were showcasing their beach photos; of course, these lucky ladies just happen to live near the beach, so they were actually ON the beach this past weekend! Check out Smart Mouth Broad's blog, and be jealous :-)

So, I decided to dig up some of my fav beach photos, and I have to say that our trip to Puerto Rico was one of the best as far as relaxation goes. My mom, sister and I had a fantastic time at the Las Casitas Village resort in December 2006. The village is part of the El Conquistador resort complex.

Let me just say, I think I got a "mistake" rate. We paid $169/night (and then split it 3 ways!!). These villas don't go for less than $299/night, ever. I kept watching for a low rate, and when I checked some December rates in 2006, and it came up $169, I booked it THAT DAY! We all agree, we would love to go back. We ate the freshest, most delish pineapple every day. Ahhhhh.....

Don't you just wish you were here RIGHT NOW?!
On El Conquistador's private island

The view from the lower level of the villas

The villas where we stayed

There were flowers EVERYWHERE; it was so gorgeous and added to the relaxation

The view of our eternity pool, from my feet

30 lbs ago -- I sure wish I had the motivation to STARVE myself right now...


  1. Love the view of the eternity pool..and your toes look so warm..and colorful! Looks like it was a wonderful vacation..warm weather, I could certainly use some:)

  2. I want to be there NOW! Great pics!

  3. Thanks for the linky love. Now I'm jealous. Beautiful pictures. I wish I were 30 lbs lighter too.

  4. Oh yeah! Would love to be there! Beautiful! I have been 'starving' myself, trust me you don't have to to lose those mean ole 30 lbs. :) If you cut 500 calories a day you can lose a pound a week. :) And amazingly it's not too hard to cut those calories.

  5. That place looks beautiful. From searching online for places to stay in Kauai, I've discovered places are very willing to offer low rates since the economy is killing them. I came here from SMB's place. She's my weirdo bloggy buddy and any friend of hers is a friend of mine. :)