Pondering Our First Anniversary and a New Giveaway!

Our first wedding anniversary is next Saturday, March 14. This date now holds more historical significance than just being our wedding anniversary, because several months ago I scheduled a girls' weekend trip to Arizona, FORGETTING IT WAS OUR ANNIVERSARY. So I now have the dubious honor of being the first FEMALE to forget a wedding anniversary - this has always been the husband's job, do we all agree?! It has been brought to my attention by my loving husband that he will NEVER let me live this down ~ thankfully, he sees the humor in this situation.

So while I am in AZ with my mom, my sis and my sis's BFF next weekend, hiking in Sedona and wolfing down mexican food with a margie, my doting and understanding husband will be at home taking care of all the animals, and my two girls (aka dogs), on our anniversary day, most likely eating a frozen din-din and some of the home made macaroni salad I will make before I leave.

Go ahead, call me a bonehead, ream me out for ruining the good reputation of womenkind everywhere!!!! I was stunned when I realized what I had done. It was rather convoluted -- we knew my mom would be in AZ during Feb and Mar, and we were all trying to coordinate the best time for everyone to go out there and mid-March seemed a good time, and of course I just clean forgot it was our first wedding anniversary..... me, the most thoughtful, kind, considerate, always-thinking-of-everyone-before-myself kind of gal. I know, it defies logic, doesn't it?

I think it must be early onset Alzheimer's.... scary, huh?

So, finally, in honor of our first wedding anniversary that I won't be here to celebrate, I decided to have another giveaway ... why not?! It was so much fun the first time, I want to do it again already. :-)

So keep an eye out, I plan to post the giveaway items in the next 24 hours. Still figuring out what they should be this time around, but I promise it will be fun, and hey, even if it's something you can't use, freebies are always good for regifting to someone who can use them!!


  1. Wow! That is a first! I can't even say that after 25 years, it is normal to forget that big day, because, as a woman, I never have. Sometimes I'd like to, but that's another story! Glad your hubby is so understanding, mine wouldn't be! I'll look forward to the giveaway! I love Arizona!

  2. Happy Anniversary! You and your husband can always celebrate when you get back. :)

  3. He He, you and I do have a lot in common! In our relationship we are switched. You know the kind that never gets a card or even forgets wedding anniversaries? That would be ME! Andy laughs but I know it truly hurts his feelings, (big baby), he goes to Hallmark store and spends over an hour to pick out the best one, me I run to the Dollar Store and within 25 seconds, I'm done!

    Thanks for the write up on my blog. Another item you and I have in common, I REALLY wanted to get an Aussie, even before I got Nestle, but Andy would not have it, that is how I got a Labrador, now I wanted to try to get a minature aussie, there is a great breeder here, but NO again! That is how I am ending up with this guy, but they are incredible animals so the choice was not hard at all.

    Have fun in AZ, be safe and as Jennifer says you can always celebrate it when you get back, Oh yea, I have stories about that too!

  4. Happy Anniversary.
    And because I hope to win, I suggest you give away WHEAT!

    I soooo miss making wheat bubblegum.

    Looking forward to visiting.

  5. My guess is it was because you were thinking about everyone else and not you that you forgot the date that was important to you. I'm sure he'll be fine once you "make it up to him."

  6. HA! And, nope...sorry. You aren't the first wife to forget! I forgot our first anniversary as well! To be fair--we actually have TWO anniversaries. The wedding my dad performed and our civil ceremony--and they're three months apart. A lot had happened during our first year and we just hadn't managed to decide which date we were going to use for our anniversary. Of course, HE managed to remember both of them and the first date just sort of slipped by me. Opps. 10 years later he STILL reminds me of that. The beast.

  7. Happy Anniversary. Our 4th is coming up and although I remember, sometimes life gets in the way of a celebration.
    Have fun in Arizona!

  8. What a hilarious story! Love your blog - looks like we've traded places!

    MeadowLark, did you ever put a drop or two of cinnamon or mint oil in your wheat 'gum'? That was THE cool thing to do on my schoolbus back in 1979. LOL!