Kansas Blizzard 09: Another Update

Well, we've been without electric and our DSL connection since early Saturday morning. I love when the radio announcer tells everyone to STAY HOME, don't travel unless you absolutely have to, and then advises you it's a good day to make some popcorn and watch movies on TV. This advice right after his list of areas without power. Um, yeah, right. That would have been our plan too, if we had power....

Let me tell you, there is nothing more boring than being trapped at home with no electric! It's amazing what your brain thinks of.... I can do some laundry, wait a minute, no I can't. I could make some breakfast today, oh wait a minute, no I can't. We can play games... even that's hard to do when there's only 2 of you!

We can watch TV. Well, yes, we did manage to watch some TV as hubby had bought a small generator a few years ago, and of course, this was his first opportunity to use it. He wishes he had bought a larger one, but I will say this little generator has been a lifesaver during this storm. It has kept everything in our refrigerator cold and safe, and it has allowed us to watch the news and at least feel like we have some small connection to the outside world.

We have our DSL connection back, but we're still running off the small generator, so hubby is only allowing me this one quick post, then I must power down the computer. :-( Once we have our electric back, I will be back into my bloggy groove and visit everyone else's blog to see what's happening! Goodness, but what terrible withdrawal pains I'm having.... LOL.

We did venture to the nearest town yesterday afternoon (Blackwell, OK), just to get some much needed supplies, i.e., food that doesn't require a stove or microwave, and we also grabbed a hot lunch while we were there. Here's a few pics around the ole homestead, and from our local travels yesterday.

The above pics show how thick the ice was on our tree branches, and grass, while the last one would be our rain gauge totally encased in ice.

A coyote making a fast getaway (top photo) and a few deer watching the coyote (bottom photo). Click on each photo to see a larger version; the pin dot coyote and the deer will look more like a coyote and deer. I managed about 3 pics of the coyote before he was gone; right before he ran into the woods, he flushed out a rabbit and ignored it as it ran in the opposite direction. Oh how I wish 1) I would have gotten that pic, and 2) that I owned a 400mm lens!!!!

Cotton field in Kansas.
I know, I had no clue that Kansans grew cotton either...

(Above two pics)
Thick ice on some trees along dirt country roads, and a scenic wooden bridge.

This is how snotty some of our country roads were yesterday.

And this is how snotty our truck looked when we got home, although I've seen days where it looked worse!

Sunset on Saturday evening, broken tree limbs and all


  1. You ended up with more icy conditions there than we did to the east of you. Great pics of the wildlife and ice and snow! Take care!

  2. Oh. My. Gawd.
    You poor thing. I hated ice storms! They are super cool to take pictures of the morning after, and yours are fantastic! Especially the shot of the damage to the large trees.
    I have a million ice storm stories, but don't want to hijack your blog like I did after the fire post! haha
    I'll limit myself to three short ones:
    I remember bringing trashbags to campus to put over my windshield because sometimes it would get so thick in just a few hours, it would break your ice scraper.
    Once, a friend had to leave her bike on campus for three days because it froze to the ground.
    Once I got stuck on campus in an ice storm while wearing a pair of cowboy boots. Thank god I went to K-State, so I wasn't the only dumb country kid sliding around. LOL

  3. OH! I forgot the most important ice storm story ever, one that nobody should ever forget:

    The late, great Derrick Thomas is no longer with us because he drove after an ice storm without wearing a seatbelt.

    What a terrible tragedy that was. Everybody buckle up, please!

  4. Hope you have your power back soon. Thanks for the ride to town. Great pics. Who knew there were cotton fields in Kansas is right. I sure didn't.

  5. Nice composition of the ice shots, I like those :-) we still have some snow here today too. Thanks for dropping by my site :-)

  6. hope you get your electric back soon. we lost ours for only 2-3 hours saturday and I know what you mean about "I can do this... not" when the power came back on, I had every light in the house on. Things are melting fast today
    Have a great day you deserve it!

  7. So glad you are managing with your ice storm. We don't have them here in California but we do have our own "special effects." Great photos of the ice on the wires, etc. and the sunset photo is spectacular! Hope things return to normal soon.

  8. Oh my! Great pictures! You got the storm that we had on Sunday! I feel for you, stay warm and great about the generator! Good goin husband! I'll keep checking on you!

  9. Watched CNN today and just couldn't believe all the snow around the country still going on?


    Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day :)

  10. I just found you via another blog and am so glad I did! It seems we may be living very similar lives, I moved from London (UK) to far NW Okieland 3 yrs ago and also married a cowboy type. I am 42 and have gone through a major cultural adjustment and I'm only about 50 mins from the Kansas border.

    We also got this storm, infact our 25" snowfall was a record for OK this late in the year. I'm relieved to say we didn't getthe ice, just a helluva lot of snow. Pop over, roll down my blog and take a look at my snow piccies if you get time.

    I'll definitely be back.