Word Verification Isn't Working!

I've been trying to leave comments on several blogs today, and the word verification isn't working, so I can't leave comments!! It just says "Loading..." but it never loads the captcha. I tried typing in "Loading..." but it didn't think I was very funny and wouldn't accept it. This is only happening on some blogs, not all.

I've removed the word verification step from my blog, so if anyone is experiencing this problem, 1) leave me a comment and let me know that it's not just me and 2) remove the word verification from your settings, at least temporarily. I'm sure it will be fixed sometime soon..... well, I hope so!


  1. I've been having some issues leaving comments on a few blogs...not all of them...but I get the loading message too.

    Looking forward to your giveaways! :)

  2. Hi Susan,
    I tried about 15 minutes ago to leave you a comment and had the same problem. i don't use the word verification on my site.
    I wanted to comment on your beautiful girls. I had to laugh because my girl's full name is Xena Marie. She is not as feminine looking as yours, but don't let her know that! She has a blue and a brown eye, and it looks like one of your girls may have the same attribute?
    thanks for taking off the word v. thingie! Beautiful girls, gotta love 'em!

  3. Been having the same problems here all day long! Must be a blogger goof. Sure hope they fix it soon!!