So, who takes their shoes off these days??

Ok, so mom taught us to clean our rooms and make our beds, finish everything on our dinner plates because there are kids starving in other countries who would give anything to have our brussels sprouts (fine, then ship 'em to 'em), take our shoes off when we come in the house, no play allowed until the chores are done, etc., etc.

Which begs the question... do YOU still take your shoes off when you come in the house? C'mon now, be honest. Leave me a comment, I'm curious to know who does... and doesn't! I'll tell you if you tell me. :) Things are different here in the country....


  1. Well ... hmmm ... does it count as taking our shoes off if we do it after we go into the family room and climb into the easy chair? :)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. If you decide to do a photo a day let me know and I will put your page along with the others on mine.
    The laminated floor is pretty easy to put down. We are about 75% done. The hard part comes when I have to dismantle my office and then we have to take the water heater, toilet and stuff out of the bathroom. We should be done on Saturday. Have to work today doing other things so won't get to work on it till about 6 and then tomorrow I will take my computer desk apart and get the my little office cleared out. FUN FUN!!
    Do you like your D60? How long have you had it? My hubby got me mine for my birthday last May. It is pretty cool so far.
    Take care

  3. Yes, we do! We have a shoe rack just inside out side entry door - funny thing is, my mother never made us take our shoes off. Maybe it skips a generation or something? LOL!
    Thanks for stopping by to visit and comment. I hope you'll play along on the photo challenge!

  4. Yes, we were raised to remove the shoes, and I remember the knee-burning crawl to the bathroom when we were kids too. As I live in a house where removal of shoes is roundly boo'ed, I've had to adopt a "ya can't fight 'em so join 'em" p.o.v. and hence suffer the penalties of carpet that desperately needs replaced after only 7 years. And of course, what to replace it with? Wood? Concrete? Astro turf? Compacted dirt? *sigh* When all is said and done, I put pristine housekeeping under a *small stuff* thing which is NOT to be sweated, and just do my best to stay ahead of the dust and fur bunnies before they take squatters' rights' ownership of the whole place.

  5. We still take our shoes off - mainly because I have four kids and if they didn't our new carpet would be totally gross and not last nearly as long as I need it to. :) But personally, I prefer being barefoot. The only person in our house who doesn't take his shoes off is my hubby. His arches need the support - or so he says. :)