Just for Fun... a Giveaway!

"Howdy" series includes magnet (1), greeting cards (2), and post cards (6)
Plus a pack of spring tissues thrown in for cheerfulness

STASH Creme Caramel Decaf Tea - box of 30 tea bags
(cup & saucer not included)

So here it is finally, my little giveaway contest! No reason ~ maybe just because winter is winding down and it's fun to do. The Stash tea is dee-lish with a tad of cream and sugar. Stay in touch with friends and family with my personally designed "Howdy" greeting cards and post cards and use the magnet to hold important appointment cards on your refrigerator.

The tissues?? Well, just in case you get a little teary writing that check for the IRS, or your kid in college, or for a new water heater because your old one just overflowed and left a disaster in the basement..... I guess you get the idea. Actually, I just thought they were spring-like and perfect for this time of year, when we are ALL anxiously awaiting the end of winter!

Simply leave a comment on this post and I'll enter you in the drawing, to be held this Sunday. As I mentioned earlier, Tori Mae or Trixie Lou will have the honor of biting or licking someone's name from the bowl. They are both pretty darn excited about this contest.

So, comment away and good luck! :-)

(And if you're not a tea drinker, then it's perfect for regifting to someone who does like tea!)


  1. Hi Susan!
    Xena Marie and I would like to be the first entrants in your contest. Is that you horse pictured? Beautiful!

  2. What a fun giveaway! Count me in please!

  3. i want to try my luck! I'm in

  4. This is a lovely giveaway!! Sophie and I are in! :)

  5. I'll give it a whirl - and thanks for visiting my blog...

  6. Count me in girlfriend!! What a sweet Give A Way, I will be having one after the dust settles from the moving!!!

  7. Hi! I saw your note on your photo blog and I love tea!!!! In fact, I just finished a cup as I type this.

    Love the music on your blog - I'm a country music person living in the NE part of the US!

  8. I love tea!! I hope you draw my name! There is prize for you if you guess who this is!!

  9. Fun giveaway! I was getting all excited because I thought you might be a big Wicked fan. LOL!
    I haven't finished up my contest yet, so you are in for a few entries!
    I thought it would only be going for a week or so and its now been a month!!!
    I'm gonna follow, because I need some bloggy friends my own age. But we are remodeling & I have been super busy. I'll be back. ;)