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When you have a minute, check out Mary's blog which promises to help those in need, GIVE...a hand up. Kudos Mary, for this wonderful idea. With so many people losing their jobs, this is another way for those of us who still have jobs to be helpful. Well, ok, I don't have a job, but we all have extra things at home that we may not use or need anymore. ;-)

Excerpt from GIVE... a hand up blog:

It may be easier to ask a stranger for something in a time of need rather than a friend or neighbor. Need something? Just ask, and I'll post an entry to see if anyone has what you need. Not cash, cars, plasma tvs or Coach bags :-0, but a warm coat for your child, a blanket for your grandmother, a care package when food is scarce, or an outfit to go on a job interview. Someone out there may have just what you need. So ask me. Some items may be used but all are given with love. ~Mary

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