Ok, so I'm back in Kansas now but I'm SICK. Can you believe my body had the nerve to get sick while in Ohio, when I'm supposed to be helping my mom?? I haven't been sick since, well, I'm not sure when. April '07 I think. It's just a lousy cold this time, but it's done a pretty good one-two on me and I'm not liking it! I have too much in my brain that I want to be doing rather than taking it easy.

Enough about my sad little cold. The reason I was in Ohio was to spend time with family and help my mom through some surgery that I think she was morally against.... of course, not one of us really looks forward to something like that, so she just wanted to get it over with and move on with her ridiculously active life. She's a busy, busy woman, a dynamo, and it seems there's never enough hours in any given day for her to do all the things she wants to do. The surgery went very well according to the doctor, but the hardest part for my mom has been dealing with the pain and laying around the house. After about two days, she's crying because she wants to DO things and she can't. I understand where she's coming from, just this little cold has me crying... I'm such a sissy. But I digress yet again....

So here's a pic of mom "relaxing" (she's going to eliminate me from her will when she sees this, I just know it)..... remember as you look at this picture, RELAXING is very hard for her to do.

I know it looks like she is smiling, but I think that was a grimace from the pain. The vicodin helped for the first few days, but it caused issues of its own, so she switched to ibuprofen; she said she's eating more now, so that's a good thing.

Here's a pic of my sister Stacie and my daughter-in-law Kristin watching a movie. They will probably demand I remove this photo immediately, as they generally do not like to have their photo taken. I told them I was just taking sample shots with my new camera and they BELIEVED me. You can see my sister is knitting; she has become a knitter extraordinaire. I am truly blown away by her talent and how good she has become!

Last but not least, my lovely son Josh. When he sees a camera pointed in his direction, he absolutely, positively cannot keep a straight face. He feels a strange compulsion to distort his face and scrunch up his body into strange shapes, so we have very few photos of him in a normal state. Kristin truly has her hands full with him.

Josh is also a part-time prankster, in addition to his full-time job as beagle dad (they have two of the little monsters). So now that I've posted these photos of him on my blog, I can be sure that he has added me to his list of forthcoming pranks to be doled out. Yes, I can be sure that I will receive something lovely in return for posting these pics.

Regretfully, I did not get any outdoor photos while in Ohio, due to getting sick Sunday evening. The desire was there, but this old, sick body said NO. So my apologies there are no 6 foot snow drift photos; hey, it all melted while I was there anyway.

I think this about covers my Ohio visit. My apologies to all my friends in Ohio, there just wasn't time to visit many of you. Next time, I promise, I will try to stay longer. In the meantime, thanks for reading my blog, and for staying in touch with me via email... I miss all of you! :-)


  1. Loved the Ohio pictures, even if there weren't any 6 foot snow drifts in them!

    And how did you get out to my blog, and read and comment on Taggity-Tag so fast? Amazing.

    Ah, I know. Superwoman with super powers. No wonder there weren't any 6 foot drifts in Ohio after you left. You melted them all with your xray vision!

    Or not. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Have fun playing tag.

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