A September Country Giveaway

Ok, I thought long and hard about September's country giveaway, and finally decided that gift certificates to Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio, would be perfect!

For those of you unfamiliar with Lehman's, they are a country store extraordinaire.   Lehman's was founded in 1955 to serve the local Amish and others without electricity.  Since then, they have become known for preserving the past by providing authentic historical products for those trying to live a simpler life.

During my lifetime in Ohio, I drove down to Amish country many, many times, spending time in Sugarcreek and Berlin.  I regret that I never made it to Lehman's 1840's era barn.  My bad!!

At any rate, two lucky readers will receive
a $25 gift certificate to Lehman's!

I was going to give away one $50 gift certificate, but then you know me, I like to spread the love around, so I decided two $25 gift certificates would make for TWO happy people, instead of just one.

Remember the rules to enter are very, very simple.  

If you're already subscribed to my blog and you receive post updates in your email inbox, just hit "reply" to any post you've received, and enter in the subject line:

Enter me in your Lehmans country giveaway!

That's it.  Really, really easy, huh?

If you're not subscribed, you can get subscribed by entering your email address in the box at the top, in the right sidebar which says "Follow Oz Girl by Email".  Make sure you follow through with the email confirmation.

Everyone has until Wednesday, September 7th, midnight PST, to enter.  I know I originally said the giveaway would close on Monday, but I decided to extend it.

I'll choose the winners using Randomizer.org.  The giveaway is open to family and friends alike, and to U.S. and Canada residents.

So go on and get entered - Lehman's has all kind of fun country items to choose!!

Disclaimer:  Oz Girl is in no way affiliated with Lehman's, in fact, Lehman's has never heard of Oz Girl, and probably never will.  I will disguise myself and use my REAL name to order the gift certificates.


  1. What a lovely give away. Do you have more pics of this gorgeous place?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. Cool beans! I didn't know I could get emails when you post. I'm gonna fix that now so that mebbee when my PUs get this kitchen project done we can catch up - and keep up - with what's happenin' in Oz Land!

    Woofs and projectile slobbers,
    Ches ;0=)

  3. We visited friends in Wooster earlier this year. They mentioned going to Lehman's during our day visit, but we did other 'sight-seeing' instead. BTW, the Amish peanut butter fudge cheese is awesome!

  4. Oh Lehmans is a dream come true...love it! I've wandered through their barn many times, and it's terrific...a great giveaway idea! -Mary

  5. Fun! I saw the Lehman's and thought of our Amish community around here. There is a Lehman's restaurant that has delish pies! :)

    BTW--you might hit the Amish community in Yoder--not that far from you...

  6. Hi Susan! Oh boy...I'm going to have to check that place out online it sounds like it has the kind of things we'd be very interested in. Ok I subscribed and confirmed but I don't have an email yet to click on...I guess I'll just wait until tomorrow? Anyway...let me know what to do next because I'd like to enter your draw. I forgot you lived in Amish country...I bet you saw a lot more than we see here when it comes to the Amish. I hope your day has been a good one so far. Take care!
    Maura :)

  7. Okay, I'm off to subscribe to your emails:)

  8. Sounds like a super gift.

    We live in an area with lots of Amish and related sects--it makes for interesting drives.

  9. Enter me in your Lehmans country giveaway... I just love the Lehman's catalog...such fun...