Nap Time + Lehman's Country Giveaway

What is it with animals?  They keep us up at night, and then they have their nap time during the day while we put eye drops in our red-rimmed eyes and get ready for work....

As you can see, the keets are napping.  It's what they do best when they're little.  Except last night.  The two runts kept me up, peeping at the top of their little lungs.  Worried mama (me) kept checking on them, holding them while they fell asleep. 

Not good for my sleep time....  so now I'm over-fatigued today after working all 3 days this weekend at the turnpike, which was busy with travelers heading home yesterday!

Here's a reminder: you only have until tomorrow to enter the Lehman's country giveaway and win one of two $25 gift certificates!! 

Read my original post here, with the rules to enter.  

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  1. They are so cute, and you are such a good mom to stay up with them! The thing I love about baby chicks is how they'll be rushing about, scratching, cheeping to beat the band, and then they all zonk out at once. And I do mean ZONK! Amazing!

  2. Awwwww - such sweet babies. They worked hard to keep you up all night and now they need some rest :) They really are adorable.

  3. Oh my gosh! This is just SO adorable! I.Want.Some!

  4. Hey Oz Girl. I'm thinking how your blog has transformed over the past few years. Means you have grown also. Nice.