Almost Country Giveaway Time Again!

Good grief, where has September gone??!!! 

I realize I have been seriously MIA this month, which is mostly due to my spare time being filled with planting a fall garden, making 4 batches of red pickles (with hubby's help, of course), tending to a runty guinea keet (who is thriving now), and lots of other chores related to living on 27 acres...

We're beginning to get some pumpkins, Baby Pam variety to be exact, which are the best to make pumpkin pies with.  I can't wait to make our first pie!  I planted carrots, fall radish, and spinach last weekend.  Would still like to get some lettuce planted.

Just a reminder... October 1st marks the beginning of a new country giveaway, and I think you're going to like the wonderful and unique handmade item I have for you.

So remember to stop back here on Saturday to find out what it is and enter for your chance to win!


  1. Well, you have an excuse, don't you !!! Busy bee!
    What are red pickles? I need to know :)
    I will stop by tomorrow and see what exciting thing you have going on!
    xo, misha

  2. Now here I thought I'd heard of everything but your gonna have to tell us what the heck 'red' pickles are. (Beets???)

    Yep, this month just flew by like a jet in a hurry!

    God bless and have yourself a fantastic weekend sweetie!!!

  3. After hearing about them, I SO want to try your red pickles!!!
    You are quite the busy one... I hope all your hard work pays off :-)

  4. welll heeeey where have you been lately?

    gotta love autumn fun :) i miss midwest american fall....

  5. Glad you're back! Fall carrots ... hmmm, I should try that. Glad you mentioned them.

  6. Yes, you definitely have been a busy little bee! Pumpkin pie is so yummy :) I made myself one from scratch awhile back on a whim and it was amazing!