All In A Day - and The Lehman's Country Giveaway!

It's been a busy Sunday already... cleaned out the keets' Rubbermaid tote AND cleaned the chicken coop. Cleaning the coop is always quite the chore.

Hubby put together a new metal nesting box unit for the hens, which will be so much more healthy (translate: not as germy) than the old wooden nesting boxes were.

9 keets so far - 4 pearls, 5 lavenders
Midge, our Ameraucana hen

Foghorn poses - yep, that's his name
We did a walkabout on the property - hubby showed me what he had accomplished with the Bobcat we are renting this weekend.  He started digging out the silt pond yesterday afternoon. 

We did get about a half inch of rain last night, of course.  Because we rented the Bobcat, you know.

The poor dried-up big pond

A mud turtle at the big pond
He decided to remove a nasty bush at our back porch that attracts flies as if it had a dead corpse inside it.  It doesn't (have a dead corpse) but the flies must think so.

Bush be gone!

The Bobcat removeth!

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  1. Lehman's is the BEST! I love looking through their non-electric catalog at all the mills, grinders and machines. Amazing what can still be done without electricity. I bought an old fashion clothes washer/plunger that I used with a 5 gallon bucket to pre-wash extra grimy clothes. I see their new one is plastic, a good thing, my old one rusted (not good).

  2. The keets are so cute!
    I love Lehman's, but I'll let someone else win this time! :-) Enjoying my Grit and have gotten two issues so far. Even my husband is reading it (and he is not a big reader)! Thank you ♥

  3. Wow, it certainly looks like you both had quite the busy day! Isn't that the way it goes though; you rent the bobcat and it just happens to rain the same weekend?

    Murphy and his darn laws O.o

  4. The keets are so cute!

    Those americauna lay the prettiest eggs! Like easter all the time.

    You guys have sure been busy! Feels good to see the work get done and satisfying. :)

    Glad you got SOME rain anyway! You guys really need it!

    Enjoy the rest of the holiday!

  5. The keets are adorable, all fluffy and sweet. Good idea to take out that bush, wonder what the flies are going to congregate on now? LOL....

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. I want to have keets... I want! I want.
    I think I need to sit and have a talk with Hubs. hehehe