Win a Custom 2010 Calendar!

That's right, it's time to start thinking about the new year, which is just around the corner! One of my calendars with my very own original photography will help you start the new year off right - you know, ORGANIZED.

Well, ok, so a calendar won't solve all your disorganized-ness...

But hey, they're nice to look at, and if you win this giveaway, you get a brand spankin' new and FREE 2010 calendar! I've designed 4 different calendars to date - Ringo the Ranch Dog, Kansas Country, Flowers and Such, and Sunflowers. Click on one of the photos in my left sidebar to take a closer look at each calendar.

The winner gets to pick which calendar they would like, in whatever size they would like - small, standard or huge. Just comment on this post, telling me which calendar you'd like to win (you can change your mind if you do win!) and I'll draw a winner on Friday, November 20.

If you aren't the winner of my giveaway, there's a great calendar promo going on right now through next Monday the 23rd at midnight. Zazzle is offering a 44.4% discount on all calendars if you use the code CALENDARS998 at checkout. This is a huge savings - the standard size normally runs just over $20.00. I'll be ordering a few for myself and family. And if you don't particularly fancy one of my calendar designs, just do a search on the Zazzle website for a calendar that DOES tickle your fancy - there are some very talented artists on Zazzle!

A special thanks to everyone who visits my blog. I truly enjoy all your comments, and value every friendship I have made through blogging. The last few weeks have been crazy busy for me with my job, my organic dog biscuits and the usual animal lovin' that must be kept up to par. The sample dog treats I took to work on Monday were a big hit - I have orders to fill, and a possible partnership with one of the dog groomers in town!

I hope to find time to visit all of you very soon!


  1. Yep, organized is what I need to get. I did not realize Thanksgiving was next week. I knew I should have remembered to flip that calendar page last August...
    Have a swell day, Susan!

  2. I like Ringo the Ranch Dog. That's exciting about the partnership with the dog groomer. Who knows...we could see your organic dog biscits down at Petsmart soon.

    This is a busy time of year and will only get busier the closer we get to Christmas. Talk to you soon.

  3. I am a huge landescape scenes fan so the Kansas Country Calendar is my favorite. Nice designs!

  4. I would love to win the Kansas Country Calendar

  5. I want the flowers and such. Or maybe sunflowers. I also love dogs. And landscapes. Hmmm. Eeny meeny miney mow...

    I guess I'm a little slow, but I didn't realize you were so talented. I think I thought all these things were just like a hobby. You're awesome! I did dog biscuits when I was pet sitting and working at the vet's office and they were really popular. The vet let me sell some and put brochures in his lobby. It can become very consuming! Good luck with that!

  6. Hiya Susan! I understand the business of life, or should I say BUSYNESS of life and haven't been around much. But me and Mom both love your blog and would be especially excited if we could look at my Chocolate Hero, Ringo all next year.

    Good luck on that pardnership with the dog groomer.
    Chester ;0=)

    Pee. Ess.- Mom just had that lightbulb moment look on her face and remembered you asked for our mailin' address. I'll have to prod her as usual to get that done. It's almost a full-time job just keepin' her movin' sometimes.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ to all my Oz Land friends!

  7. Well for us it would have to be the Sunflowers calendar cos we adore sunflowers!
    You cannot be sad looking at them - great idea!

  8. Where's the spotted puppy calendar? :) We would settle for any of these though - very nice designs!

  9. Gosh - you're so talented! I love them all, but my heart beat a tad faster when I saw the Ringo dog calendar! A medium size would be perfect... :-)

  10. You are very talented, and they are all gorgeous. Who could pick just one? This is a hard decision, but I would say the sunflowers, are my fav. A medium sized one would be perfect.

    I am excited to hear that the dog biscuits are moving forward, this is going to be a exciting adventure for you. Let us know how it goes.

    And I hear you about work/business/play? what play? Giggle.


  11. Very impressive! I'm likin' the Kansas one.

  12. Loved the sunflower calendar. You do such beautiful work!

  13. Put me down for the sunflower one when I win!

  14. Oh....I would love to have the Wheat grass!!! What a fun contest and so useful!!!

  15. I like Kansas country best of all. You are a a talented photographer Suz

  16. What a dilemma. I'd be hard put to choose....hummmm.....I would pickthe Kansas country. I'm a Missouri girl bus ya'll are my neighbor. Some talent ya got goin' on there girl.

    Have yourself the best weekend filled with fun and many blessings. :o)

  17. Do you have your own zazzle store? I've just started to put one together.Liked the cattle drive photos to and I did get my Linda to make me some potato soup