And the Winner is....

Paint Girl!

Thank you to everyone who commented and I truly wish I could send a bag to every single one of you for your sweet pups!!!!

Trixie did not cooperate (as usual) so I had to enlist Tori to pull the winner's name out of my lil mexican bowl. Anyone who has seen my photos from past giveaways knows that Tori is a pro at picking a winner! Alas, no photos this time.... that's what happens when you're back to working 40 hours plus a week.

Paint Girl, do please send me your address via my email - suzgarten(at)yahoo(dot)com. I will be making a fresh batch this weekend so I will get your bag out to you on Monday.

Thanks again to everyone who commented...
you are all the best and your pups are too!!!


  1. Yeah! I won! My crazy Aussie's will be so happy! I go through so many treats every day. I nearly own every dog treat company out there! I'll shoot ya an email!

  2. Yay for Paint Girl!!! Her pups will think they've been given the gourmet treatment when your delish cookies arrive for them. :)


  3. Congratulations to Paint Girl!

    Ya'll have the best day!!!

  4. Love to see my family still has contest luck!!!

  5. Just stoppin by to say hi. I know I've been an absentee visitor lately but the 2 leggers have been keepin' me busy with family stuff. Hope you all are well in Oz Land. High fives and slobbers to you all!

    Chester ;0=)