Cattle Drive!

We left the house at 6 a.m. Saturday morning, horses and saddles loaded, to help a friend drive his cattle off pasture. It was a fun day, for the humans and horses alike!

Beautiful country - I only wish I had gotten more photos!!

Yes, me on horseback behind the cattle, hence the blurry photo.

This is what many of my photos looked like...
camera + horse = lousy pictures!

Hubby returning from search for renegade cow and calf...
they made a clean escape!

My ride on the right, hubby's on the left.
Yep, they worked hard - enlarge to see their sweatiness.

Our host.

His house.

The front porch.

The front door - isn't it beautiful?

My photos don't do their house justice. I've always loved stone houses, and this one was stunningly gorgeous. To the right of this front door was a side porch with a grill and refrigerator built into the stonework... further to the right was a stone fireplace with a flagstone patio, wicker furniture and an arbor over it, and to the right of that, a built-in pool. Can you just imagine evenings around that fireplace with a glass of wine in hand. I wish I would have gotten a photo of it.

Oh yeah, I could definitely live in this house!!

Flagstone and lush plants. Gorgeous!

Part of the stone garage.

The well-decorated roof.

The barn - I love the old stonework.

Getting ready to sort some cattle.

Our host, doing more sorting...

...for vaccinations, and preg checks.

Pastureland in front of house by driveway.

A few photogenic kids...

... and of course, the necessary ranch dog.
This is Ruben, a 6 month old Aussie.

The only thing I regret about our day - no pictures of me on Murphy!!! Hubby agreed we need to be sure to get pics of me in the future.

This was my first ride away from home on Murphy - I mistakenly thought since he's an older horse (25) that it would be an easy ride. Wrong! Murphy, being the old cow horse he is, was hard to hold back. His ears were cocked and he was excited to be back at his old job. He wanted to herd those cattle and nip at them! Plus the terrain was very rugged and hilly. Lots of rock ledges and very rocky fields to navigate - quite a jolting ride for this novice. But all in all, I think Murphy and I did pretty good - I enjoyed the challenge. I definitely need more practice on him. I need to learn how to remind him that I'M the boss, not him! He fought me every step of the way yesterday.

By the time we got home at 4:00, I was a little bit sore. But not near as bad as I thought I'd be. I was more tired than anything, and I think I crashed out by 6:00.

Midlife can be hell sometimes.


  1. That house is amazing!

    We got stuck behind a cattle drive coming down a canyon. On a very narrow, one way road. We were NOT happy.

  2. Wow - that looks like a FUN day! You're a real-life cowgirl! That house is simply awesome. I'm still drooling. Those kids are way too cute. And yes - we want pictures of you on Murphy next time!

  3. What fun! I would love to take part in a real cattle drive. Your friend has a beautiful place and I love the picture of your hubby on the horse. Nice photo!

  4. From the stone to the roof including the wreath/pumpkins was fun. I like your me a peek into your world. The cow and the vaccinations is especially cute..I feel the same. The kids.. and Ruben is adorable! Hope your having a great weekend-

  5. Wow, that was some day you had!! Love the pictures even if some were a little blurred, couldn't be helped, you were on a moving horse! Lucky you, what fun that would be; love the pictures of the house and barn. Cute kids, beautiful dog, beautiful horses. Ride 'em cowgirl!!

  6. What a great day!! Beautiful horses and scenery. Love the house and surrounding buildings! Definitely a day to remember :) Thanks for sharing!! I would surely die if I rode a horse today (it's been so very long), but I'd seriously like to try it out again. -Tammy

  7. Being married to an guy who used to farm I know it's not an easy life but wow what a glorious day that must have been. It was great you got to go along. Photos were great even if you think they were blurry. When you decide to move into that house, call me. Seriously CALL ME! It is beyond beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your day with us.
    Chester's Mom ;0=)

  8. Wow Susan! Great photos of a great day. I love that house!

  9. My husband is quite envious. He's always wanted to go on a real cattle drive. It sounds like you had an adventurous day. I loved hearing about it. That stone house is gorgeous and I wouldn't mind living in it either. And yes, next time you'll have to get pictures of yourself on Murphy. That's the disadvantage of being the photographer, you get left out.

  10. Wait until tomorrow. You'll feel the sore then.

    Looks like a great deal of fun. The pictures are fun also.

  11. What a great day!! I love that house, it is gorgeous!! And that barn! So cool!
    I have always wanted to go on a cattle drive! Someday!

  12. I love this post.. Such a different life out there in the nature..

  13. The photos are wonderful and convery just what a truly lovely time you seemed to have had even if there aren't pictures of you.
    Glad you had such a nice time!

  14. I over-use this word, but it's such a good one - AWESOME! Your photos contain three of my favorite things: a stone house, a cow's face, and a handsome/rugged/hard-working/ good-looking man on a horse! Thanks! And yes, next time hand the camera off to someone to take your picture.

  15. what a fun the photos...

  16. Those kids are beautiful! And so is that house. Looks like a great day was had by all.

  17. definitely want to see pics of you on Murphy - looked like a great day

  18. At least your cattle drive was in daylight. It got dark on us before we finished working the cattle and we had to drive them to pasture in the dark of the moon. Black Angus cattle in the dark and this Ozarks farm chick is night blind.....not a good ideal!!!!

    Have a wonderful day and may all your cattle drives be by the light of the sun!!!

  19. How sore are you today? Great photos, can smell the cattle! We need to invent something so it can take a picture of the camera holder, boy we would make a fortune, I am NEVER in photos!

  20. Wow, does that ever look like fun and the house is so incredibly gorgeous too. I loved all the pictures and sure wish I could have been there.

  21. I once did a cattle drive in Montana while attending school at Colorado State. Best experience of my life. Yes, it topped Paris!!
    Lucky girl you are, wish I could have gone!
    I love stone houses, too. There is one in our area and it was the first home to be built around here-125 years old!
    Thanks for taking us along!

  22. I love cattle drives and living in the country. That is a beautiful home and I LOVE the stone barn!! Thanks for sharing the beauty....again.

    Next time there better be a picture of you riding!

  23. What a fun day to remember!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  24. Hey! What a great day you had..thanks for taking us along..that stone house is very impressive! :)