On Kansas Wheat Fires, Storms and Fluffy Clouds

One of the more amazing phenomena here would be the wheat field fires. It seems I moved here as the farmers were harvesting their wheat fields. Well, the next step in the farming process, before they plant anything else in the wheat fields, is to burn them off. According to Tom, this eradicates any diseases or pests that could be in the soil, so as not to affect the next crops. The fires are quite an amazing sight, especially at night time! I've included a few pics here but it doesn't come close to capturing the sight as you stand outside the house and watch them when they are just a mile or two away!!

Then there are the storms. As they appear to the west and south of us, I love to take pics of them. Surprisingly, I am less afraid of storms out here than I was in Ohio. I think being able to see them form, and see the direction they are tracking, makes a big difference. It is awe-inspiring to be outside taking pics of a storm as it passes around you. Maybe I'll feel differently the first time it comes right at me!! :-0

Finally, there are the big white fluffy cloud days. I love these days the best. I think the sky is incredibly beautiful when it is big and blue, and full of white fluffy clouds!

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