The Big Abilene, Kansas Rodeo

It's 103 degrees right now, at 4:07 p.m. Forecasted high is 107 by 6:00 p.m. Sheesh!!!

This is one of the big rodeos in the U.S. Everyone who is someone in rodeo makes a stop here. So many of the trucks and horse trailers were, well, nicer than the homes that some people live in! All in all, it was a great time, even though the temps were just shy of roasting. Note the sweaty backs on some of the cow guys. Yep, I don't even know how they could tolerate wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts that day!

We walked around and looked at the pigs, some of the horses, saw some cows. Quite interesting. LOL. Earlier in the day, Tom had made a joke about all the people that love to go to fairs/rodeos and get a big ole turkey leg to gnaw. Well, at one point, some guy walked by us eating one big, honkin' turkey leg. We got the giggles so bad we couldn't stop! What is it about those turkey legs at the fair??? :-D


  1. Hi Sue, Glad you made it to Kansas! Have you ran into Dorothy and Toto yet, Lol. Congrads on your marriage....Live and Love Long!
    Jackie McMullen
    From Voris, Kent, Garfield and more recently MY Space!!!

  2. hi Susan, thanks for stopping by my blog. Still in the works, it's fun but very time consuming.

    I hope you are enjoying your new "married" life. You two make such a cute couple...Geez, I thought, I moved from the city to the boonies, I think you have me beat there girl!!! Best wishes to you!

    I hope all is going well 4 u. I moved to Fl. after Dad passed to marry a man that I've know since I was a teenager, but we found out that we are not compatible, so I am making a new life here for myself for the time being. May move to SC next year to be with my kids and grandson!

    Anyway stay in touch, I do think of you....and wish you the best!

  3. Nice pics... one day I'll know the Texas... is wonderful xD