YOU Can Hold Me Accountable...

....for the next 24 days!

I have finally decided to make the commitment to lose at least 20 pounds.

I am using the Advocare 24 day program to help me, in addition to eating the right fruits and veggies and totally swearing off JUNK food.

I want my svelte figure back, but more than that, I want my energy back! 

On a side note, I've been boosting my energy lately with the help of Spark.  Spark's vitamins and minerals keep me going through my work-laden days, not only with energy, but also a much welcomed burst of positive well-being and cheerfulness.  You can really feel it -- you just feel better and more positive about life in general after drinking a Spark.

At any rate, I wanted to announce my intention to the world, so that I will be accountable to more than just myself.

Starting tomorrow, a 24-day jumpstart to weight loss and then I will continue to eat better after the 24 days are over!  I promise!!

Follow along -- I'll do a weigh-in tomorrow (ugh).  Not too sure about before and after photos though, we'll see!

Also, don't forget about November's country giveaway.  Click here to read about it - you still have until Friday at midnight to be entered.  A winner will be drawn on Saturday.

Disclaimer:  Yes, I'm an Advocare distributor.  No, I'm really not trying to push Advocare products down anyone's throat.  But I've read so many good things about people who have lost weight using this program,  I decided I really need to give it a try.  And I really DO like the Spark drink!


  1. I totally agree with you on Spark. I've never experienced such a remarkable energy boost, not jittery like caffeine, but just an overall feeling of alertness and (here's the unusual but welcome part) WELL-BEING! I wish I could go to my local GNC to buy it, I do NOT like their sales & marketing approach at all.

  2. Good luck on the weight loss. Hope it goes well!

  3. i wish you luck..the battle of the bulge isn't easy...

  4. Susan, Really? Two weeks before the eat 'til you bust day you are going on a diet? You are a better person than I could be. I wish you well Oz Girl. I hope the festivities are not at your house this year. My will power would not be able to hold up with left overs in the fridge.

    This fall has been a really busy time and I've not been able to frequent my favorite bloggers of which you are definitely one. I hope all is well with you and your family. The gardens are done here except for the Mesclun salad mix and the carrots. Even they are starting to look a little whipped in the morning after a 25 degree night. All the hoses and timers from the watering systems are packed away until spring arrives. The only thing left is the cleaning of the rain barrels and the big supply tank which spends its winter upside down to keep the snow and ice out of the tank. With the freezing and melting over the winter it would surely split the seams of the tank. I have spent too much time patching up the leaks to have to start all over again.

    Have a great Thanksgiving day if you can.