Oooops.... Weight Loss Program On Hold!

Ok, so I jumped the gun just a bit.... I was going to hit the store after work last night to get the foods I would need to help me lose the weight.  Regretfully, I was feeling quite nauseous before I left work, so trolling through the grocery store aisles after 10:00 p.m. just didn't sound like a load of fun.

I came straight home.

I will renew my decision to lose the weight (and set a new start date) as soon as I have time to hit the grocery store and stock up on the RIGHT foods.  Meanwhile, the Advocare products are sitting here, just waiting on me to get my butt in gear!

I also want to get our weight bench moved from the shop to the garage, in the room we have been renovating.  It's close to the back door of the house, and once the bench is set up, I'll be more motivated to follow through on workouts.

In the meantime, here's a recent gorgeous Kansas sunrise for your viewing pleasure... and don't forget to enter the November country giveaway.... click here to find out how to enter!


  1. Gorgeous sunset...too bad about the start date, and that you are not feeling it nerves because of the start date? Hang in there and when you are shopping, stay to the outside isles as that is where the actual food is...

  2. What an incredible sunset! :)
    You're so darn lucky you get to see THAT at night!

    Too bad about the whole mishap with your weight loss program-But a set back is a set back is a set back; doesn't mean a thing as long as you're ready and raring to go!

    Good luck :)

  3. Beautiful photo! Trust me, I can totally understand the change of plans. You'll do it... when the time is right.

  4. Susan, you only fail when you give up. I some times have to put things on hold for a while but I never give it up. Weight loss becomes a real challenge the older we get. Muscle seems to turn to belly fat and the things I used to so just get warmed up tire me plum out but hurtin' or not I stand up and go for it. Best wishes on your weight loss program. I decided a couple years ago when I almost couldn't reach my feet to tie my shoes that it was time to lose a few pounds. In two years I'm down 28 pounds and counting. If I can do it any one can. It just takes determination and persistance. All diets hinge on two things, calorie intake and exercise. Lord knows I get plenty of exercise and now I listen to my belly and not my cravings when I eat. I was an amazing concept to be to not eat to feel full and much of the time I was just thirsty and not hungry.

    I've slipped a little with eating the right kinds of foods when my daughter and grandson moved in a year ago but I still try my best to eat garden fresh salads which are still coming out of the garden. I've almost totally sworen off soda pop. Of course I can't give up coffee or tea but that has no calories as I drink it black.

    We're all rooting for you. You can do it.

    Have a great thanksgiving.

  5. Beautiful sunset! Good luck with the weight loss! Unless the nausea means weight GAIN. ;-)