Simplicity, Reaffirmed

I had lost touch with Martha, one of my earliest blogging buddies, over the last few months.  Oddly enough, she commented on my blog yesterday and I had just been thinking about her!!

Last night, I discovered she had started a blog about her journey to minimalism.  By this morning, I had tweaked my post from yesterday and provided it as a guest post for her new blog, Minimalist in the Making.

Re-connecting with Martha couldn't have come at a better time for me.  I have been losing my grip on the reasons I am working two jobs.

After spending the last few hours reading many of the minimalist /simplicity /debt-free blogs that Martha has linked to, I have reaffirmed my desire to live simply, and cut much of the clutter from my life and my home.

Thank you Martha, for re-connecting with me at a pivotal point in my life.

So while y'all head on over to Martha's new blog to have a peek, maybe I need to return the Kindle Fire that just came yesterday.  :-\


  1. Thanks for the awesome linky love and thank you for the great post you contributed today! Now if only we could get our hubbys on board I have a feeling it wouldn't be such a huge struggle.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

  2. minimalist you, cutting clutter is wonderful.

    happy thanksgiving :)

  3. Stopped by from Martha's blog, enjoyed your perspective with corporate greed and your renewed effort to get back into simplicity! Good luck too with the budgeting! I truly wish we had done it years ago when we were making a bit more money (hubby quit job to move us closer to his aging parents, that's why we are budgeting now, but we'll continue on with it if he ever gets another job).

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  4. Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! rethink that sending a back the kindle...e books. cost less don't pile up....remember #2 from yesterday!


    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Okay! My hubby and I coordinate Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University courses. This course totally changed our lives and we have seen first hand what kind of a positive impact it has had on many families! You should see if there is a class starting in your area soon. You can find it here:

    I totally applaud the reaffirmation on your part!

    Now to your Kindle Fire. Gman & I ordered our Kindle Touches over a month ago and it should be here tomorrow! YAY! It is a part of my simplification.

    They don't weigh as much as book (important living in an RV!!!),

    the books don't cost as much as regular books,

    they handle kindle, pdf (all of my recipes are in pdf so it is small to use in the kitchen!) and mp3's,

    AND most of the libraries have Kindle books to lend!!!! I see no drawbacks here! Seems like simplicity at it's best to me! ;-D

    Keep at it! :)

  6. One of my favorite motto's and something I love to live by: Everything happens for a reason in its own time :)

    What a great happening!

  7. Minimalist lifestyle..I can pare down some for sure...and am working on it slowly. I will head over to Marthas! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :)

  8. Hi Susan! My husband and I used to love meandering thru antique shops especially in the winter months and before Chester came to live here. The problem with that is, we more often times than not carried "stuff" home with us and now my house is jam-packed with "stuff" that needs dusting and is more of a burden than a pleasure to look at. Amen to the decluttering! My problem is also to get hubby on board with the idea. Anytime I'm out and see something that catches my eye, I think twice now and also picture it sitting in my home gathering dust and often it gets left behind and I go home with $ in my wallet and a contented smile on my face.

    Good luck with your minimalizing! I really wish I could stop by more often to say "hi" but I have had to "minimalilze" in the blog area too. Just want you to know that Chester and I still think of you over in Oz Land and hope all is well with you and yours.