Update on Votes for Leah

Just a reminder to all my friends and family to please vote for Leah during the month of September in the Gerber Baby Contest.

Everyone who votes and leaves a comment here on my blog indicating they voted will be entered into a drawing for the prizes as noted in my previous blog post. This drawing will be held in early October, once I can tally up all the votes made in September.

My previous blog post stipulated whoever voted the most would win the prize package. To be fair to all who take the time to vote for Leah, I am changing that condition to anyone who votes. Period. Everyone will be entered into the drawing and have a fair chance at winning the prizes! :-)

Leah has 127 votes as of today, but she sure needs more, so please do take a minute to click one of the links in this post and vote!!  You can vote once a day during the month of September.

Thanks a million!!!


  1. I think I've voted every day - but like I said, the bribe really isn't needed. She's a Gerber Baby for sure!!!!

  2. OH DEAR...Susan I'm afraid I've been so busy working outside helping hubby this month that I've forgotten to vote since the first day. I'm sorry. I voted before I started my comment today and I've made myself a note to remind me to vote every day. I don't care if I win...I'm not doing it for that. I want her to win! Anyway I'm sorry. I hope you're having a good weekend. It's another busy one for us. Take care. Maura :)

  3. I've voted everyday because I think Leah is the bomb!

  4. I made myself a reminder note so that I remember to vote every day! :) Not so that I'll win, but so that she will. She's a cutie pie!!!

  5. Oh, I missed the voting, but she is truly a sweet girl!

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