New Baby Leah Photos

O.M.G.  I just about died when I saw baby Leah's newest batch of baby photos. She's already 3 months old!

My son and his wife took her to a photography studio last week, and wow-oh-wow, did they do a fantastic job. 

Of course, I think the subject matter
contributed A LOT to the gorgeous photos.

 Gotta love that funny lil face!

There's more great shots from Leah's first professional modeling session on my daughter-in-law's blog..... I'm going to Ohio in another 10 days and just can't wait to see the whole crew again! :-)

Don't forget to vote for Leah in Gerber's Baby Contest ~ you can vote every single day in the month of September, if you want to!  And THANKS to all who have already voted.  I appreciate you guys so much!!!

Next blog post:  Update on Guinea Keets aka Poop Machines 


  1. You need to put a warning on these!!! "May Cause Baby Fever"! :)
    Very cute pics.

  2. Hello Susan!
    OH MY..these pictures of Leah are just GORGEOUS....what precious poses! I'm sorry that she doesn't live closer to you...I sure know how that feels. I voted again just before writing this comment. I hope you have a wonderful day...enjoy looking at your new photo's!
    Maura :)

  3. Wow, I see a bright modeling future for her. Off to check out your daughter-in-law's blog now.

  4. What a cutie! Love that expression on the second shot.

  5. Oh my! She is so incredibly CUTE!!!!! I can't wait to see the pics from your visit. What a sweetie. And how lucky for her to have a grandma that adores her so much. *sigh* So sweet.

  6. Oh she is SO cute! I'll head over to vote now :-)

  7. So, so cute!!!! I'll bet you can't wait to get your hands on that little one again! What a sweet little girl! :-)

  8. She's beautiful. I'm impressed with the backgrounds. My kids in their Sears pics look rather dull.

    I'll go vote.

  9. I love the overalls and the brown hair ribbon...we have got to find that little girl a baby black cowgirl hat..they make them and they are cute!

  10. Great photos.. I'll make sure the weather stays nice in Ohio

  11. Oh honey, she is just perfectly gorgeous. You bet I'll pop over to vote for your little grand-doll.

    Have fun on your upcomin' visit!

    God bless ya and enjoy this beautiful day!!!

  12. she is grandson will be 3 months old next week...time flies...