ARIAT Boots Giveaway!!

You've only got til tomorrow, Sunday, 7:00 p.m. EST to enter Misha's giveaway for a pair of Ariat boots! Does that prize rock or what?!
So, get on over to Misha's blog, From My Front Porch in the Mountains, and enter her giveaway... it's very easy. Just become a fan of Ariat on Facebook, a follower of Misha's blog (trust me, you're going to love her blog!) and leave a comment on her giveaway post.

And yes, I know I'm lowering my odds of winning this great contest by telling all my readers, but hey, I'm one to share the good news. :-)


  1. Thank you so much, Susan! I appreciate you more than you know!!
    Snow and ice here in Tn. Our power was out all night, came back on this a.m., went back off 1pm.
    At least we heat by wood, but our well has an electric pump, so we had no water for a while.ugh. But for now the power is on, until the other few inches of snow and sleet that are falling weigh down the old mountain power lines!
    Such is country life :)
    Hope your weekend is treating you good!
    xo, misha

    p.s. nope, i did not get a pair of boots. i was not offered any :(
    i also did not ask, didn't want to push my luck since i so thrilled about the giveaway!

  2. hello there Oz girl - thanks for the heads up - share the good fortune eh :) I can just see these boots in whoop whoop at the next rodeo :) best le

  3. What a great way to try to win a pair of Ariat boots! Most of my boots are Ariats, I love them. I actually could use a new pair for work....I will head on over there!

  4. I do love Ariat boots! But I could not sign up. One of the requirements is that you follow her blog. Which I don't. But I will now because it's pretty cool!

  5. Wow, thanks for passing that along! How neat, I LOVE Ariat boots, have 3 pairs, some clothes and half chaps.

  6. Susan--The cookies were delivered Friday and they are delicious and very cute! I shared them with my nieces and they loved them too. I'm going to give Lazy G Ranch a shout out on my blog on Tuesday.

    It seems this is my lucky week so I'll be the one to win the Ariat Boot givaway over at Misha's. wink, wink.

    Thanks again for the yummy cookies.

  7. After reading the comment from the Lone Star Queen, forget the boots. I WANT COOKIES!