Cookies for Sale

How would you like some of these yummies for your midnight snack?

I made close to 4 dozen of these "cut-out" cookies Wednesday... mailed a few to my sister in California and my mom in Arizona on Thursday, and do you know how many are left as of today?


I kid you not. Hubby and I just couldn't help ourselves, as these are the Barnes' family most favorite cookies. I think when I woke up Wednesday close to midnight I must have inhaled at least 3 with a glass of milk. I know, bad, huh?

I will be offering these "cut-out" cookies for sale on my Lazy G Ranch website next week. I'm still trying to figure out the pricing part, which is really quite difficult. I don't want to price them too high, yet when I research other cookie websites, I realize that homemade cookies are not cheap. Plus it takes some rich, fresh ingredients to make these cookies, not to mention my time to roll and cut and ice and decorate these lil beauties... and the ensuing backache! AND I haven't decided how to package them yet either.

So maybe you can help me with part of my dilemma...

What to name these cookies?

In addition to these cookies, I will be offering some deelish chocolate cookies and coconut/macadamia/white chocolate cookies for sale and of course, I'll be needing names for them too.

If you can help me with a name (for just these cut-outs, or all 3 varieties) then I will send you at least a half dozen "cut-out" cookies for your pain, the next time I make them.

This lil giveaway/contest is open to everyone ~ family, friends, people I haven't met yet. Everyone. ANYONE.

Otherwise, they are just going to be called Cut-Out Cookies.

Or maybe Family Recipe Cut-Out Cookies.

How boring and uninspiring is that?!


  1. How about sweet heart cookies??? they look great...thank goodness just looking doesn't give you any calories...or maybe Loveables....

  2. Those are some awesome looking cookies! OMG, I neeeed those right now :-D For some reason the only thing I actually thought of was Ice Box cookies. Not sure those are officially 'ice box' cookies (which are refrigerated and maybe sliced instead of cut out? dunno?), but I just think it's a cute, quaint name ;-) Good luck with the cookies! -Tammy

  3. Here are a few ideas for the cut out coookies
    Cowgirl Hearts
    Country Hearts
    Frosted Hearts
    Lazy G Favorites
    For The Love of Cookies Cookie
    Country Love Cookies
    Heart Full Of Love Cookie

    The Coconut/Macadamia/White Chocolate could be called
    Tropical Decadence Cookies
    Paradise Cookies
    or Cookie in Paradise

    The Chocolate Cookies could be
    Chocolate Dreams
    Chocolate Bliss Cookies
    Chocolate Daydreams

    that's all I've got for now...

  4. "You are the icing on my heart" cookie....seriously I think The Lonestar Queen deserves some just for all her wonderful names. If I ever go into the cookie business...

  5. Heart's Delight, and those do look delightful.

    Good Luck with the sales, I am sure that they will be gobbled up.


  6. Everyone came up with great names! I was thinking Hearts Delight :-)

  7. I am not as prolific as Lonestar Queen but here is one. Hearts Abound, Spread Love, Share Sweets.
    If the brain kicks more in I'll be back!
    smiles, alice

  8. Or Heavenly Hearts since someone already said Hearts Delight.

  9. Oh, my mouth is watering!

    I suggest you name them: Lazy Heart Cookies (after your Lazy Ranch website) or maybe even: Midnight Delights.

  10. Oooh! They look so delish and so pretty!

    Heart's Desire Cookies
    I Heart You Cookies
    Cowgirl Romance Cookies

    Chocolate cookies:
    Cowgirls Love Cocolate Cookies
    I Heart Chocolate Cookies
    Chuckwagon Chocolate Cookies
    Cocoa Ponies

    Coconut/Macadamia/White Chocolate:
    CoMaCho Cookies (get it?)
    White Horses
    Hawaiian Ranch Cookies
    Aloha Cookies


  11. ohhhh delish ! I think 'love me tender' cookies - and don't fret I have a brother in willmington NC and he is a cookie feind !

    or another 'from the heart' now I think that works :) best le xox

  12. I don't know what to call them but they sure are purdy. "Purdy cookies" LOL

  13. I don't know why but I keep checking back to see what names people have come up!

  14. I don't have a name for you but I did enjoy reading other's suggestions. You have some very creative ones. They look fabulous.
    I'll be joining you as a Grit blogger and I'm so glad you're there. I had fun looking at your terrific pictures and reading your post.

  15. Who'd have thought there could be so many great names for a cookie! Only now you really have a delimma as you have to pick one from all of them. Or not, as Ice Box Cookies is good.

    Speaking of sweet tooth, come by to see me later.

  16. I like Lone Star's suggestion of "Cupids"! Too cute...and yummy looking! I cook, but I don't bake. Maybe I need to start. ;)

  17. Well...I remember eating these cutout cookies back when we were little shorties. What about Kinder-Garten cookies? ;-) for the cookie-lovin kid in all of us. Then you could use other shapes besides the heart. Also, I love the name Cocoa Ponies for the chocolate cookies!! How about Coconut Macalicious for the coconut cookies? Or Cocoa-Macs. (Doug suggests Pecan Surprise, because you take a bite expecting pecans, and Surprise! no pecans. *sigh*)

  18. Hmm...I think the spelling on the shortened version of Coconut Macalicious would have to be tweaked (Coco-Macs?) so as not to give the impression of chocolate. Unless you made a chocolate version!

  19. They look delicious and I'm sure they are given the fact that I LOVE, LOVE LOVE my Lazy G dog treats!

    Mom is havin' a brain cramp as to a name submission but I see you've got some other 2 leggers who have some great ideas!

    Way to go Ringo for makin' it to the big time! One of these days your people will have to call my people and we'll do lunch. BOL!
    Chester ;0=)

  20. I must say I'm rather stunned by the large response I've received for some cookie names! And wow are you guys imaginative... there's some great names here. But I'll wait a lil while longer, and see if anyone else wants to join in the fray.

    In the meantime, I've got some dog biscuits to bake today! :-)

    Just think, soon you'll be able to order treats for your pups AND yourself, all on one website!

  21. They are beauties for sure!!! How about:

    Be Still, My Heart
    I Heart You
    You Have My Heart
    Love of My Life
    A Piece of My Heart
    Heart Throb

    OK, that's all I've got! They do look just yummy!!!

  22. How about Heart Melts? Or My Melty Sweethearts or just Melty Sweethearts. Thanks for visiting my blog. And did you ever send that CD to your grandma and did she like it?

    I'll bet all the cookies you make are delicious. What a grand occupation!!

  23. They look absolutely delicious! But I'm horrible at coming up with names, lol.

  24. Good Enough to Eat Treats! (and they do look good enough to eat)

  25. How 'bout just simply...Heartthrob Sweeties, Chocolate~Horsehockey Delights and Coco~Nut Surprise! Ya bring out the farm chick in me!

    I just wanted to thank you for hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya'll enjoy the ride.

    I wish you success in this venture and have a blast with it. Take care and have a wonderfully blessed week!!!

  26. Those are really yummy looking! Good luck with your new venture!


  27. I'm late getting here and my lunch was not big enough so I say: Yum!

    I like Lone Star Queen's suggestion of "Cookie in Paradise."

  28. I'm late arriving, as well...good thing too because I'm already having problems getting my jeans to close. Lots of excellent suggestions here!

  29. They look so yummy, you might want to consider just naming them 'Crack'.

    I can just hear the TV ad now ...
    So good, you'll stagger out of your bed in the middle of the night for a "fix". ;o)

    I'd sell them to men on their way home from work Feb. 14. Then you could charge whatever you want! Supply and demand, baby! hahaha

  30. Oh Susan I want those badly :-)

    Let's see what name suggestions I can come up with:
    -Little Beauties-
    -Pink Seduction-
    -Simply Sweet-

    Oh dear, my brain is so slow...I will return as soon as I come up with more ideas! LOL.

    Have a great week dear Susan!

    Much love: Evi

  31. Hi babycakes - I need cookies like I need a hole in the head - you met my hips -- ROFLMAO - that sounded so gross - but u know what I meant. I am no good at naming things - but GoldenDestroyer wants u to name them after her - she likes "Pink EmmaLous" giggling. love ya!