Sometimes the daily mail DOES bring Good News!


The Cowley County Humane Society sent me a thank you card for my donation and gave me an update on "Emerson" (above).... he left for rescue on Friday and is now a Colorado dog!

Background story for those who don't know:
This golden retriever mix showed up on our property at the beginning of August. Tom's dog, Ringo, seemed quite proud that he found him and brought him home. No doubt he told him "this is a great place to live." All that being said, we could not keep another mouth to feed, plus "yellow dog" kept the two cats up in the trees at all times.

Tom was annoyed and was ready to load him in the pickup and take him a few miles away. My gut feeling said that's what someone else had already done -- dumped this poor dog out in the country. He was obviously very young, maybe not even a year old, and his general personality and demeanor were awesome.

After 4 days, I took him to the Cowley County Humane Society with tears in my eyes. I truly felt that "yellow dog" had huge potential to be the most awesome pet for someone out there. I told the girl who took him how great I thought he was and how sad I was that we could not keep him.

So they must have also decided he had potential. I'll just bet he cleaned up beautifully -- he had quite a few burrs stuck on his back end. I'm excited and happy that he's heading to a new life, and I hope he works out well in his new job.

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