Update On Paint Horse

We took paint horse to the vet again last Thursday, and this time the vet decided that hunk of flesh had to come off; it wasn't reconnecting to paint's foot. So he had to dope him up but good as this was a small amputation of sorts. I am chagrined to say that at one point I did get nauseous and couldn't watch. I was holding paint's head while Tom helped the vet wrap it but when I got a glance of all the blood on the floor, I thought I was going to throw up.

We created a new pen/pasture area for paint horse on Saturday, so he's got a huge new area of fresh grass. I think we may have almost named him as he decided to dance around when Tom was trying to change his dressing. So Tom started calling him Dancer. We'll see if it sticks. :)

Today was an extremely cloudy and chilly day, as the remnants of Gustav rained down upon us. Our temperature high was only 60 degrees, unheard of in Kansas in early September! Tomorrow we'll get back to normal, around 84 degrees and sunny. Since it sounds like it will be a beautiful day, I'll get a new pic of paint posted.

Paint horse in happier times with Mike & Murphy

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