Sally, Our Buff Orpington Hen, Has Chicks

A week ago Sunday, this is what we found in Sally's nesting box... two baby chicks!

Sally had been sitting on a clutch of eggs since late February.  Needless to say, by the time April 7th rolled around, we were ready to get rid of her eggs.  Chicks only take 21 days to hatch.

And then, amazingly, two eggs hatched out these little barred rock chicks!

Looking back, I think what happened was this....  several times, when Sally hopped out of her box to get a bite to eat and a quick drink, one of the barred rock hens would get into her box.  So Sally would just hop into a different box and sit.  Hours later I would find her in the wrong box, with the clutch of eggs cold.

So even though many of the eggs didn't hatch, I believe our barred rock girls laid a few late eggs that finally got a consistent "sit" from Sally and hatched out these little sweeties!

Sally is happy.  She has always wanted to be a mom.  :-)

Now only time will tell if we have hens, or roosters!!  Hopefully, these two little cutie pies are hens.

Don't you just love it when little chickies poke their heads out from mom's feathers?!
Update 6/2013:  The little chickie on the right in the top photo is a rooster, and the other chickie with the red head is a hen.  Really?!  Couldn't they both have been hens?  :-)


  1. They are adorable!! We just got 12 chicks last week and we are having so much fun with them!!

  2. So cute! Mother hens are fun to watch :-)

  3. I really enjoy when the chicks hatch...unfortunately, my 'sitters' got killed by a raccoon last spring and none of my current hens will babies for me this spring...

  4. Look how adorable they are!!

    I'm so glad Sally is able to be a mom to those sweet baby chicks ^.^

  5. Hurray for Sally! And the chicks are soooo cute. I just love them, and their little peeping sounds. :)