First Snow

I know, hard to believe, huh?  February and we're just getting our first snow??

But it really is our first snow!  The precipitation will be good, we need it SO bad.

In honor of this special day, here are a few unretouched, straight out of the camera shots...

As the huge flakes of snow began to fall, it was a very unusual snowfall in that it was falling straight down.  There was no wind whatsoever.  That, my friends, is very unusual here on the Kansas prairie!  The rain and the snow are usually hitting the ground sideways!

It's been falling straight down all afternoon.  No wind.  So odd to stand outside and hear the silence.

Yes, there's a bit of blue cast to this last photo, and I'm not fixing it.  At least not right now - maybe later.  You can check my photo blog later to see if I play with it.  You can see how much more snow we're getting now.

By tomorrow I imagine it will all be gone since it's forecast to be in the 50s. It's a very, very heavy and wet snow.

The chickens and guineas are nowhere to be seen outside.  I guess they've decided that the coop is the place to be today.

Time for me to bundle up and head outside to give the horses some dinner!


  1. It's hard to beat a quiet snowfall. I think the pictures are beautiful the way they are.

  2. We could certainly share some of our snow! 50's you lucky duck:)

  3. i agree with Susan,, the third picture is my favorite HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!